Do I need to call the dr for more tests?


Question. My son was diagnosed with celiac last week after more than a year of vomiting at least one week a month. He’s been gluten free since his endoscope. He started vomiting again today. Is he just “detoxing” still, or do I need to call the dr for more tests?

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  1. My opinion, he’s still detoxing. I heard it will take about 6 months for your body to start to heal. It would surprise me if that’s true let alone he’s still sick from it until then.

  2. Hope he gets better!!! Be strict about the gfree diet!

  3. Has there been any chance of cross contamination from gluten food?

  4. Since it’s only been a week I’d see if it happens again. If it does, I would call his Dr and see what they recommend.

  5. Maybe just a virus. He should not be vomitting if he hasn’t had gluten.

  6. Its likely since you guys are new to this that hes been glutened.

  7. It takes time to heal! Hope the vomiting stops soon!!

  8. The healing takes awhile and his body is craving gluten. It’s an evil thing. Hang in there!

  9. I wouldn’t say more tests are probably necessary but I’m not a doctor. I know my stomach didn’t settle down completely and I couldn’t eat normally for about a month, maybe a little more. How long has he been GF? He is probably still detoxing or maybe getting a bit of gluten somewhere. Gluten hides everywhere and can be tricky to find in the beginning. Make sure he’s eating whole, naturally gluten free foods (plain meat, veggies, fruits) and not too many processed foods until he is able to settle his stomach down and you’re able to figure out what he reacts to. Some celiacs still react to gluten free food.

  10. I’d wait longer and take note of what he ate over the past 24 hours. It can take several weeks to detox and upwards of a year to heal. Its a process.

  11. If cross contamination is not the issue- talk to your doctor about CVS (Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome). It is something my girls have and if you’d like to chat more about it – PM me

  12. My child just got diagnosed a few days ago so we’re still learning. However we kept trying to feed our child bananas and after he’d vomit. We did our research and apparently bananas contain lectin which is similar to gluten so when you body is overactive because of the gluten it reacts to lectin the same way. Says once our child’s body has healed we can possibly feed bananas again. Possibly the case with other foods? I’m still learning- but now we know to avoid bananas until our young one has been completely healed.

  13. sadly the detox can take about 6 months

  14. How old is he and is he cheating either knowingly or unknowingly.

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