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I was recently diagnosed by my regular doctor. I went in for regular check up and because she did tons of studies about endocrine she had a hunch and ran tests(I didn’t know at the tume, just thought it was regular tests). Sure enough came back with Hashimotos. She immediately put me nature thyroid. I don’t mind taking the medication especially since my thyroid has started growing in size despite my TSH and T4 levels still moderately in normal range, I understand it’s more of preventative than anything. My vitamin D was down and my LDL was elevated. First time for both of those. So I’m a little worried. I appreciate her 100% for finding out what is causing the problems. My question is do I continue to follow her for care on this or do I request endocrine? I had to request an ultrasound on my own she did not think about doing one despite the thyroid growth, so that has me worried. I understand she did studies but she by no means is a specialist either. I just want the best route. I am afraid after hearing stories that if I go to endocrine they will take me off my medications. Just want the best route. Tired of feeling the way I feel for my age, which with reading I’m not sure will ever get better. Thank you!

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  1. I don’t think it would hurt to get a second opinion at least

  2. My endocrine could care less. Doesn’t even believe in managing this. Told me I was lazy and fat. At least if your doctor has found an interest in treating/helping you, you are on the right path. My endocrinologist said “we don’t have time for the unimportant stuff”.

  3. Consider looking for a naturopath, I’ve heard tons of people finding that they help the most

  4. Functional medicine Dr! My endocrinologist was absolutely clueless

  5. She sounds like she knows what she’s doing. An Endo won’t be much help. The NaturThroid was a great step!

  6. If you’re happy with your present doctor stay with her. It sounds like she is willing to learn along with you. Is she aware that is it is normal to have a suppressed (very low) TSH when taking a natural desiccated thyroid medication? You’ll need to rely on free T3 and fee T4 testing to see if you need to increase or decrease your dose.

  7. I would stick with her for now if I were you. You could end up going to a specialist who is not willing to look any further than a prescription and see you in six months or a year. The doctor you have now is doing the right thing with blood work in six weeks to evaluate your levels.

  8. I’d stick with her. My primary Dr found mine too. Then she referred me to an endocrinologist who was of no help at all to me.

  9. After finding out my levels for hashimotos was >900 for months…I requested to see the VA endo…well she told me that level does not matter and all other levels fine so its a waste of a test…so I am just staying with my holistic doctor who is the one who found out I had thyroid problems…..

  10. I have always gone to my GP for my Hashi’s. Have had no reason to go to an endo, yet.

  11. After initial diagnosis of Hashi’s, there is no reason to keep testing for antibodies. They are just a marker to confirm Hashi’s.

  12. Depends on the endo. We have two holistic endos out here that are great, but the conventional ones are terrible. See if you can find a holistic one. Keep your gp in your back pocket and use her while you are searching for someone with the knowledge to help you.

  13. An endo woman with Hashi herself diagnosed me and has kept me optimal since 2012…two male endo prior no help

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