Do I stop all Mag supplementation now?


Have raised my RBC Mag from 5.4 to 6.4 since last Feb using Jigsaw, 4 pills/day and Epson Salts baths 1-2x/week.
Question: do I stop all Mag supplementation now? Do I then ck RBC in another 6 mo? Or do I just cut back to 2/day? Don’t want it to drop but also don’t want to overdo.
Also, anyone know how long it takes to get a consult scheduled with Morley? Sent all my recent labs to got mag around Thanksgiving and still haven’t heard a thing. Feedback appreciated!

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  1. Nice going with your Mag RBC

  2. Diane Cussen-Bubeck
    Technically, we're not allowed to talk until you hit 6.5!… (Just kidding… 😉 )

    I'm digging out from messages & HTMAs today — I'll be in touch before the day's out…

    Kudo's on the Mg restoration — VERY impressive! And thanks for sharing…


  3. I'm assuming it takes awhile to raise your mag levels?

  4. Yes, it does. And, it depends on how much effort is put into it.

  5. Gotta love Morley Robbins sense of humor!

  6. Works N Dirt
    Think of the uptick in Mg sales IF I made that the rule!…


  7. Absolutely!!! Lol

  8. Wow that's great!

  9. I am ordering Jigsaw today.

  10. Try the promotional code patrick5 to save $5 when ordering jigsaw from Jigsaw Health. They gave me that code after my first order. But there is a $10 code for first order that someone here gave me. Anyone?

  11. Keep up the good work! If you stopped supplementing, your mag levels would probably drop again.

  12. Kristy Flair its $30 on Amazon. How much is it directly from them?

  13. I just went to Jigsaw Health and I have to buy 3 bottles at the same time to get them for the AMAZON price.

  14. I want the Jigsaw though so I can take some magnesium during the day too instead of what I've been doing which is take my daily dose of magnesium all at night at bedtime. I have the mag water too but I really don't care for the taste of it much (even when I add it to other beverages I can STILL taste it) so what happens is one batch of it takes me weeks to consume!

  15. Are you sure? Check that the number of pills per bottle is the same. Seems Amazons was less but I could be wrong.

  16. Diane Cussen-Bubeck
    I sent you a PM… I've no record of any emails from you… Please call me: 847.922.8061

    Many thanks!

  17. Yeah I also had to pay $6.97 shipping thru jigsaw health. Looks like Amazon might be better or Pure Encapsulations sells it with free shipping.

  18. Diana's dilemma is the exact reason I haven't tested!

  19. Oh wow Kristy, you're right. I could swear I ordered that for my daughter about a month or so and it was $30 for the 240 tab bottle! So I guess I'm gonna have to spend $100 and buy 3 bottles at the same time which will last me forever because I take mag glycinate at night so Jigsaw is not my only source of mag!

  20. I always use the code oops to get 10 dollars off. I also always order three to get the cheapest price and free shipping. There are two sizes of bottles so be careful when comparing prices.

  21. Thanks Sue Murray!

  22. I am an RD in private practice, so I order by the case to have on hand for patients. Not certain but perhaps looking into ordering directly from Jigsaw in bulk? Also, think it's Biotics but they have a liquid Magnesium less$ than Dr. Deans. Haven't tried Dr. Deans product tho

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