Do not take iron supplements, unless food based!


Dear all, to acknowledge Morley Robbins’ work and to thank him once again, I’d like to share the following (will try to keep it short).

Please, for the sake of your own health, do not take iron supplements, unless food based! Please, do not believe you need to supplement with iron, when your ferritin is low. Get comprehensive testing (preferably, blood and hair tests) and have your results AND symptoms evaluated by someone who knows how to interpret them. For me, this someone is Morley Robbins!

More than a decade ago, I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia (full iron panel with complete blood count). I self-treated with Floradix first, then took other forms of iron on and off, for several years. I also made sure to take vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to help with iron absorption – another bad decision. My RBC count and hemoglobin would respond well to iron supplementation, but my ferritin was stubborn; I kept trying to raise it to at least 50ng/mL.

Finally, I consulted a hematologist. He sounded quite knowledgeable; he was one who kept other hematologists updated with recent studies. He told me I had to continue taking iron and increase the dose from the 50mg I had been taking to 75 then 100mg, if my ferritin didn’t respond as it should, according to his experience. He said once your iron was low, there was no other way of raising your levels but with iron pills (WRONG!). I never took more than 75mg or iron daily (gut feeling based on a couple of articles and a book I hadn’t even read!). Then, I decided to never go back to this hematologist when he recommended iron infusions – only to raise my ferritin! I was not anemic at the time.

This is getting long, sorry 😉 Bottom line – turns out I was not really iron deficient all those years (rather, copper and Ceruloplasmin deficient and “minerally” messed up), and the iron supplements I took made my health go from bad to worse. On the surface, blood tests did indicate iron deficiency, especially ferritin – the one test you should trust the least! However, I was not iron deficient, but iron dysregulated – low bioavailable but enough toxic iron in my body! MAG-recommended testing revealed more pieces of my health puzzle than conventionally recommended tests could, but I’d also like to emphasize that having your symptoms (so-called diseases and health conditions) assessed is very important, too.

Thanks to Morley Robbins’ FB posts (with his conclusions based on studies) and a consultation with him, I realized almost all of my health conditions were side effects of iron overload – despite my low ferritin (and low serum iron at the time of our consult). I have already reaped the first harvest of his recommendations – as my blood tests indicate, my iron is moving in the right direction, and so are my symptoms! My ferritin has not changed much, which doesn’t bother me at all, but there was a remarkable change in my iron-ic numbers without taking any iron pills (this was unheard of, in my synthetic iron years). On the contrary, I took IP6 (phytic acid) to clear my body of iron… I’ll post the link to my previous thread in the comments.

So Morley Robbins is officially amazing 🙂 He is human, he may make mistakes, but he is trustworthy; he keeps exploring, discovering, learning, and sharing things. He is genuine! Thank you once again, MAG-neto man!

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  1. Thank you. My ferratin is low. My other 2 iron are high! I feel horrible and sick 24/7. Waiting for more tests copper mag etc. Your inspiring.

  2. Ross Goldstein– good for you to read….

  3. An Armenyan Dear One – this really brought a tear to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing your story and good luck forward with healing.

  4. Wow… So sorry for your needless suffering… Hair testing is awesome, muscle testing helps too…. Needs change month to month, even daily. A personal consultant can help keep one up to date. Not permitted to promote one's own services, I can though mention that this Info is available in my own chronic/Cardiovascular invisible group.

  5. Awesome job. What was your transferrin throughout your journey while going through all this?

  6. Just thought to mention the hematologist was "USA-trained" 😉 Local doctors (in Armenia) still look at RBC, hemoglobin and serum iron before prescribing iron. Ferritin is getting in fashion, though.

  7. Thank you, An for taking the time to share this important message… more about the TOXICITY OF IRON, than my foibles or "realness" as a human…

    I'm obviously delighted with the outcome and not at all surprised. And I recall that our initial chat (along with your buddy, Joseph…) was among my first as I started to get my "sea-legs" with this concept of Iron-as-FOE…

    My fervent hope is that ALL MAG-pies, and most importantly MAG-nets!, will SEE this, READ this, UNDERSTAND this, and ACT ON this… Regrettably, MOST are still STUCK in FERRITIN JAIL…

    And isn't it Iron-ic that Jail Cell Bars are made of WHAT Metal?!?… 😉

    Continued success on your healing journey and thank you, again, for your taking the time to share this heartfelt, happy & healthy testimonial…


  8. Really interesting, thank you for sharing.

  9. Wow. I wish more people could see this testimony!

  10. Potassium is another danger… Too much can also cause cardiac arrhythmias. Beware of 5 hour energy.

  11. Really good for me to read this! I was put on iron after a ferritin that was in range, but not optimal per my practitioner's thoughts. I compared my results with the ranges that Morley suggests and all were either within range or a few points off. I stopped the iron supp. Had only been taking it for a few months. I'm having all new labs done tomorrow including rbc mag and ionized calcium. I didn't get cp on the list soon enough to have it drawn tomorrow. I think that's the only one I am missing. I'll probably just order it on my own instead of waiting. Anyway, all that's to say I appreciate your post. It makes me feel even more confident that I don't need the iron supp. Glad you are feeling better!

  12. What brand of Colostrum do y'all recommend?

  13. Christina Buck

  14. Im shocked how much this post hits home. My ferritin just came back at 11. I'm running a marathon in 4 days with the tired legs. In a panic, I went out and bought Floradix. I threw away my iron pills 3 months ago and I've been on Mag, liver capsules, vitamin C, and Max-B. I'm at a loss what else to do. I don't understand how to ask for or get the tests. Is it a combination of asking my doctor and also ordering online tests? How or when do I contact Morley? Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

  15. So good to hear-good for you!!!!!! 🙂 Morley is a GEM!

  16. Janet Naylor

  17. Dear Morley Robbins, thank you for teaching me a new word today – foibles 🙂 Well, that one statement regarding your "humanness" was more like a disclaimer 😉

  18. Thank you An Armenyan, for your story! I just got my HTMA back and my doc is faxing the orders for the recommended blood tests to go to Morley Robbins. Once that is done, I can schedule my consult with him. I'm eager to hear what he says!! Prelim dx is same as you, An Armenyan!

  19. To contra this post, I have always had low ferritin. Recently, my doctor placed me on Metagenics Hemogenics and for the first time in as long as I can remember my ferritin increased from 19 to 47 in the space of one month. The form of iron in the Metagenics product is ferrous bis-glycinate. A good form of iron.The other ingredients include B12, B6, folate L-5-M, copper and phosphorus. Previous to this I used an expensive Swiss made iron supplement for two months and there was no movement in the ferritin. My hair analyses shows I have optimal level of copper. I also have MTHFR C667T. With combined supplementation with high Vit c and zinc, I haven't felt so good in a long time. Thus, I think there are people that have different needs.

  20. Very good! What about your other iron labs??

  21. Meg Sho, I did have "improved" ferritin when I took 75mg of iron for about 3 months, and it was iron bis-glycinate by Solgar. It's still not a good form, and the point is in making your iron "move" and not get deposited in tissues. My ferritin wasn't totally stagnant 😉

  22. An, thank you for your post. Like you, I am very thankful for finding the Magnesium Advocacy Group and to all those who post here. I have learned so much, and continue to do so every day!

  23. Does anybody know what exactly could be the reasonn i developed heart arrhythmia?

  24. Kim Kim Disbrow

  25. You have greatly encouraged me. My 22 yo daughter has been ill for over 2 years with migraines. I discovered Morley's work through a friend, about 6 months ago. When Laura went to get the blood tests Morley asked for her doctor prescribed iron. I told her not to take it, yet I've been second guessing myself constantly since. Your words have reassured me that I've told her the right thing & I'm looking forward to discussing this with Morley in July.

  26. I'm in exactly the same boat, ferritin at 4 won't come up. Iron supplements make me really ill. Trouble is I have pernicious anaemia which needs a high ferritin level to work. I can't get my levels up with food. Plus my dr told me I'd risk bowel cancer eating too much red meat. He won't even test my vit d, potassium, copper or ceruloplasmin. I'm sorry I'm new to all this. Can I get tested privately. So sorry if been asked previously.

  27. Stacey Crutcher French are you reading this?!

  28. I hemorrhaged badly during labour and was left extremely anemic, borderline transfusion. I was given iron pills but they made me so sick and I was bedridden from anemia. Without knowing anything, I googled high iron foods and found liver and vit c foods. Well I literally ate liver and oranges for 3 weeks straight at every meal for 3 weeks. Docs said it would take me 6 months to get well but I was up and out of bed in 2-3 weeks. I doubt I would have gotten so well on the pills. This was 6 years ago.

  29. Hi An, would you mind sharing over on this wall please?

  30. Too bad! And here I was thinking that Morley Robbins was super human… I guess it's time to find a better group 😉 Actually, did find this very informative… and helpful for approaching that moment that my hematologist decides to inject me with iron… I imagine that won't occur if he reads enough of the little bit of information published on Hemochromatosis 4… However, after all the little reading I've done today, I realize that Hemochromatosis 4 form A and form B are not the only forms… My blood results show that I'm 50% A and 50% B meaning that there must be a C, which there isn't at this time… I also found it interesting what you said about phytic acid, considering the demonizing of it within the natural health world… and, as you may not know, I live in Mexico and am married to a Mexican woman 13 years, meaning that beans and other legumes are a part of our daily diet… and those beans and other legumes are always soaked over night… and some (like lentils) are sprouted… to remove excess phytic acid… My mother's husband had mentioned that he heard that phytic acid may have important health functions… so I researched that and found that the issue of good and bad regarding phytic acid as an "anti-nutrient" is 50-50 or "one half dozen in one hand and 12 in the other…" So, now I'm not certain about looking at phytic acid as such a bad thing… But, we continue soaking the beans and the chick peas… I like the idea of phytic acid helping remove excess iron; stored in tissue and organs? Does green tea just block the absorption of iron or does it also help remove it? I was drinking a lot of green tea… I'm also wondering if there is something other than the SCL40A1 mutation that causes a deficiency of the protein ferritin?

  31. Interested to follow. I eat plenty of high iron goods but don't absorb and have regular injections, it's usually low again within a couple of months. I really notice feeling much better after having the injections..

  32. What were your symptoms that this fixed?

  33. Interesting thank you. I'm taking spatone, a natural liquid iron because my iron levels are low and I'm breastfeeding a toddler. I shall have to think more carefully after reading this!

  34. Kelli Balvanz Blythe

  35. Thanks or sharing. How about the iron pills they prescribe to pregnant women? Should they take them or not?

  36. Sorry for my ignorance but what is the safest way to up iron?

  37. Janet Naylor – hope the tag works, Mandy Chadwick wanted you to read this.

  38. Christi Fieselman

  39. Beth Schultz

  40. An Armenyan, thank you for posting your story. I'm amazed how you reminder what iron toxicity post to reference to with others comments.
    It was a good review for me to review Morley's postings again, thank you.
    Good luck to you moving forward.

  41. An Armenyan Could you tell me how much IP6 you took and was it a formula with inositol? I don't want to overdo it being on a fixed income and all.

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