Do not use Diatomaceous Earth or any form of silica


I just want to offer a warning for people who have systemic lupus, especially those who have kidney lupus (and also other people with chronic kidney disease). Do not use Diatomaceous Earth or any form of silica. I have been advised by a kidney specialist ND to avoid silica in all forms: EVEN as a filler in supplements (there are many very good companies that use this). I don’t mind if the Admins decide to delete this but I offer it as a PSA. For people with lupus this is a VERY SERIOUS topic.

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  1. What is the risk and is it only for lupus?

  2. Thank you. I have Lupus.

  3. I to would like to know the risk

  4. Please elaborate and provide confirming research or studies.

  5. Wow, thanks. Good to know thanks

  6. So, would this just be for lupus or all auto immune? And Fiji water has silica, is that enough to be a problem?

  7. Oh my I drink Fiji water sometimes

  8. As a kidney patient myself( not lupus) be very careful always seek a medical opinion. Thank you for your post.

  9. How would it get from the digestive tract into the blood and to the kidneys? Seems way too big to do that?

  10. is there an alternative to the DE for people who want to follow the protocol but can't tolerate the DE?

  11. I also searched for silica topics here, because I have Scleroderma (Systemic Sclerosis), an autoimmune disease that the only 'known' cause can be silica exposure.. They say inhaled, like in a cement plant, but I avoid it now like the plague! It's everywhere, though.. I will skip this step!

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