Do people with Hashimotos have issues with antibiotics?


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Quick question: Do people with Hashimotos have issues with antibiotics?

Long question:
I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience with anti-biotics. I had a really bad bacterial infection and went to the doctor and because I was so sick he went ahead and gave me some anti-biotics.

I felt great and sickness gone, but a week later my lymphnodes in my neck area and back of my skull are very inflamed and sensitive to the touch!

And then I remembered that this happened last time I took anti-biotics a four years ago too. The doctors did a biopsy on a lypmh node to check for lymphoma and thats when they discovered I had hashimotos. Doctor doesnt know whats wrong this time (other than that I have hashimotos)

I tried to google anti-biotics being a cause of lymph node swelling, but everything I find online says that they should reduce swelling.

I’ve been drinking organic Kale, Celery and Beet juice with Ginger and it has reduced the swelling by a lot but they are still visibly swollen.

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  1. Swollen lymph nodes could be sjogrens. So you get dry eye and dry mouth?

  2. Nope, not a Hashi's thing.

  3. Antibiotics would not have any effect on Hashimoto's.

  4. Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease and when you have one AI I've read that you will likely have more AIs. Keep having tests done until you figure this out.

  5. Some people have what they call reactive lymph nodes that will enlarge at any sign of infection. You may have been having a delayed reaction to whatever infection you were given antibiotics for, or you also had some type of virus as well as a bacterial problem.

  6. Mine are enlarged when I'm sick, even from a common cold. It's not from antibiotics, because I only take those for serious illnesses such as strep or pneumonia.

  7. I can't handle antibiotics… Not sure if it's related or not tho. I developed an allergy to all penicillin products and the alternatives wreak havoc on my body

  8. I took the article down because people were too busy dissecting it rather than taking the simple truth it offered. Yes, people with Hashimoto's, not all, have issues with antibiotics. Don't blindly take antibiotics. Know exactly what bacteria the antibiotic will be targeting. Then take precautions with diet & probiotics.
    Hope you start feeling better soon.

  9. I have weird sensitivity to certain meds etc. They don't work properly in my body. Or I'm super sensitive to them

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