Do we need to find gluten free color?


I am going to my stylist to hand my roots done today. I ordered and am brining Gluten free shampoo, conditioner and hairspray. Are colors ok? Or do we need to find gluten free color? Please and thank you!!!

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  1. their combs will be fine

  2. they are required to sterilize equipment between clients, if they are properly licensed. so no need to bring your own tools.

  3. my impression is that with shampoo, etc it is about ingesting it. you cannot absorb it through the skin.

  4. Davines makes gluten free hair color and hair care products. I go to a davines salon so no cross contamination. Since we absorb so many bad things via the skin (parabens, deet, sunscreen, pesticides, household chemicals etc.) I don’t believe our skin would magically provide a barrier against gluten containing products, especially for those with extraintestinal gluten sensitivity (gluten ataxia, skin lesions)

  5. I am a hairstylist for over 20 years. I have celiac and I have to watch what products I use. Combs and brushes are always sterilized after every client. We have gluten free color I use and I always read labels of the different shampoo and conditioners and styling products we use. It can be absorbed threw the skin so make your stylist aware of it.

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