Do we stick with the mag malate?


17 month old leaky gut toddler again 🙂 So she clearly needs mag, she sleeps better with it. We’re still having trouble with delivery methods though.

We’ve been doing epsom salt baths nightly since June as part of her GAPS protocol. No improvement whatsoever in sleep.

We started with Mag chloride spray which gave her basically a 1st degree burn that was gone the next day but made her sleep 9 hours strait (after she was done screaming for 15 min) You don’t even understand, I haven’t gotten more than 3 consecutive hours of sleep since she was born and even that is rare.

Next we tried milk of mag on her belly but it did nothing.

Next up oral mag sulfate, gave her a horrible stomach ache for 24 hours, lots of crying. So much so that it didn’t help sleep at all.

Next up mag chloride spray again mixed with coconut oil. Same screaming, less sleep, persistent rash that lasted 48 hours.

For the past week we’ve been slowly upping mag malate (made by seeking health, the only brand of supplements she hasn’t reacted to. She reacts orally to just about everything 🙁 ) We started at 50mg and increased to 250. At 250 we saw some improvement in sleep but the next day she had terrible acidic diapers that burned her skin to the point of bleeding. We back off to 200 and the rash is still there but not as bad. So-so on sleep.

So what’s next? I feel like I need a chemistry degree lol Do we stick with the mag malate? Will she eventually get used to it? Help!!!

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  1. ^ he is 16 years old now & has tried to wean off melatonin a few times & can't do it.

  2. Jen Cotton – he is on natures way alive vitamin C powder, Nordic naturals cod liver oil -peach flavor, and hmf superfood probiotic.Good luck!!!

  3. As far as dosage, one scoop of probiotic, 1 tsp of vit C and 1 tsp of vitamin C powder.

  4. Thank you!!

  5. Morley Robbins, MJ Hamp, this mamma is in a Gut-Healing group mainly for littles that Adrienne Irwin, Josette Capozzi, Amber Conover, Cristina Baltag Dorne, and I are admins of. Baby is on GAPS (very few tolerated foods. Even had to be on an amino acid formula until just about a month ago) due to severe food intolerances and is very mag deficient. We rec magnesium to all of our members to heal the gut (daily esb to start) and have tried to advise her there, but are at a loss with the magnesium. Please advice if you get the chance! Thanks!.

  6. Chiropractic adjustment and cranio sacral therapy could maybe peace the child .

  7. But have u done an HTMA to get her whole mineral and metal load profile picture?!

  8. Most people like me are slow oxidizers which means we hang onto our calcium and magnesium just fine yet burn thru our potassium and sulfur. But its not as easy as just supplementing those. I also have some adrenal fatigue and high mercury. Point being each person has a unique profile and needs a unique supplement plan. Morley is the best, trust him!

  9. Try diluting the mag oil with water it will be less powerful but hopefully the burn will go away or use magnesium chloride flakes or oil in a bath – that way it will be very diluted.

  10. Have you tried mag oil under feet?

  11. Co factors…..I have problems increasing my mag because I was low in b6

  12. What is the diet? OMG… STOP whatever corporate crap you are giving this child. WAY too young for these problems. Bone broth with plenty of overcooked (and pureed?) ORGANIC kale. check out

  13. I would try mag chloride flakes in bath instead, maybe alternate with epsom.

  14. Wow! what a lot of responses, thank you!

  15. Suzanne: I might be able to do it if there's a totally plain one. She can't do any sweeteners

  16. Aileen, Godfrey we tried the feet first. She got really mad and it didnt help her sleep at all :/

  17. thanks Nicolette, Sally, Barb, Mike, Jo, Kristan, Renita, Jon, i'll put your ideas on my list 🙂

  18. Candice, Rachel, Donna, Christy, Cecily, as of right now the only foods she can eat are (all organic, homemade, nothing added, all veggies boiled in meat stock and fruit and veggies skinless) Duck, turkey, chicken (and meat stock from all 3), squash, zucchini (when in season because she reacts to the seeds and off season ones are too small to scoop the seeds out), apples, egg yolk, and bok choy. She also takes probiotics, a multivitamin and melatonin. We're doing new food trials every 3 days with a week rest for a fail. 2 months ago she was on an all liquid diet of amino acid formula (very expensive, broken down proteins and although I breastfed on TED it was the first thing she could digest properly) and meat stock. So even this short list of foods is a victory and we'll keep adding more starting with stage 1 gaps foods up.

  19. Sandra I really don't know what to say. I can't figure out if you're a salesman, internet troll or someone who just doesn't know how to communicate properly over the internet. If it's the latter, please forgive my angry response but my daughter was born with this. I ate perfectly while pregnant, perfectly while nursing, for some reason she just had a bad balance of gut flora from birth. I took her to all the doctors and specialists, tried all the treatments they recommended and found a pedatric GI specialist very pro-breastfeeding. After all the medicine and diet eliminations failed I had to make a choice. At 7.5 months old, I was only eating organic, plain, turkey, squash , potatoes and pears. Nothing else. I was malnourished, my daughter hadn't grown in over 2 months and looked like a baby from the 3rd world. She had eczema, allergic colitis, GERD, abdominal pain, diaper rashes and projectile vomiting. I gave her the medical formula and most of those symptoms went away but she was left with a LOT of damage to the GI track and couldn't digest solid foods. I heard about GAPS a month later and since then we've been slowly healing her gut. She has never had "corporate crap

  20. Jessica Lawrence sounds like you are doing a great job for your child. Keep up the great job. I hope you gain great knowledge from this group!! God bless!!

  21. Keep up the good work! I was suspect to some FPIES issues with my 3rd. There's a community out there, you are not alone! It's a journey and sometimes it's hard to figur out where the right path is!

  22. Jessica Lawrence I think she was referring to the formula…. But yeah, not nice. Homemade formula would not have worked for this baby and Jessica did what she could with the knowledge she had at the time. Just as I hope we all do. But yes, she is off formula now which was a big victory for Jessica I know.

  23. Had I mentioned the formula? Hmm. I usually ignore posts like that but it popped up on my phone first thing. Before coffee haha 😉

  24. Joyanne Ludington mentioned it in her comment.

  25. Oh OK. That makes way more sense. Still formula came after the problem, not before. It drives me crazy that I still don't know exactly what caused it

  26. I mean heck, considering the toxic nature of GMO corn and vaccines and antibiotics and all kinds of stuff, most people have leaky guts. You don't have to eat fast food every day. I'd been a vegan for ten years!! I though I was crazy healthy. But sadly having GMO corn once in your life, or having antibiotics or vaccines once in your life may be something that triggers leaky gut that never heals without serious intervention…. Our babies will be the norm in the next generation, I'm sad to predict

  27. Did you ever see those things about how the average person is like made of corn? It's incestuous and invasive!!

  28. I know. Its sad but maybe finally we'll see some movement on cleaning up our food :/ it stinks because I come from good stock lol my mom was all about clean eating and herbs and probiotics 30 yes ago when no one had heard of it. She only let us get a few vaccines too and homeschooled us. We had so much less exposure then my friends and they all have healthy kids wtf

  29. And I hear you on the vegan thing. I wasn't one but stuck to a strict no junk, no hormones or antibiotics, no sugar or sweeteners and no white carbs while pregnant. I also exercised a ton because I have a structural issue that makes all my labors have an 80% c-section risk. I have to be in perfect shape and know what I'm doing to have a shot at normal deliveries. I'm 2 for 2 and will Elly I was so obsessed I swam across a lake at 7 months preggo and climbed a mountain at 9 months. Never though the hardest part would be keeping her alive and healthy AFTER I got her out. Hahaha jokes on me 😛

  30. Swam across a lake a 7 months. Wow. I salute you!!!

  31. Cheri Harkness It was soo much fun. I'm a total fish and never wanted to get out of the water while pregnant especially. I had to get permission from the head lifeguard at the beach first and I'll never forget the look on her face when I asked. She looked at me. She looked down at my belly and made the best face hahahaha

  32. Jessica Lawrence is it a bicornate uterus by any chance

  33. Nope. It's just really really REALLY tilted back so by around 7 months my kids get stuck faceup and by 9 months can't move during labor at all. Jabin got stuck on my left hip and had to be manually turned. With Elly I learned a lot more about labor and took prenatal belly dancing classes on top of all my other exercise so I was able to maneuver her around but it was a really close call with both of them

  34. I bow to you Jessica Lawrence

  35. haha don't. you should see me now! Miss fitness hasn't slept in 17 months, or gotten in a pool *sooooob* or done any exercising whatsoever lol

  36. Adrienne Irwin that's what amber has right?

  37. Yep, though she was saying that even being tilted is connected to mthfr mutation…. Mine is a little tilted but not too bad

  38. Yea I didn't realize how bad until I had a non preggo ultrasound for napro. The doc was like woooooooow, you had 2 vaginal deliveries?!!

  39. More mthfr crap. Truly well named mutation haha

  40. Yep for sure!!

  41. I'm not sure if this would help with her being so little, and pardon if it's already been suggested, but what helps me with insomnia (along with magnesium), is
    1 hour before bed, I do adrenal cocktail of lemon juice or oj, Himalayan salt and molasses. Then I pop on amber shades to filter out blue light until I'm in my darkened room. Can't imagine trying to keep amber shades on any of my guys when they were little, but I'm sure you"re keeping her environment soothing and blue light free. For me I learned my adrenal imbalance contributed to my sleeplessness, and caused a kind of dehydration that woke me up, but instead of thirsty, I was hungry. The cocktail made a huge difference and I only rely on it occasionally now, after working to bring my stress level down, etc.

    In my searching for solutions I also learned both in studies and the hard way that takimg melatonin brought nightmares, and also affected my ability to sleep without taking it in the long term.
    I pray you find relief for your little one, I too had risky deliveries, though pregnancies too, and my youngest had colic which had my husband and I taking shifts through the night sleep-swaying with her- plus we had two little ones yet, so I can sympathize with the desperate quality of wishing for restfulness for your little one. Keeping you in my prayers for sweet, long, peaceful dreams

  42. Ps- reading back over your comments, the dietary issues remind me of a very good friend of mine, and her baby. I'm posting a link of her fundraiser only because she runs through his history and diagnosis in it, for you to read and compare. Hope this helps!

  43. Donna mowchan what whole c do u have your little man on??

  44. For mag for my little people, I use grown by nature mag as it is a whole food source, I crush it and put in their food or drink. I am having trouble getting the youngest to take the whole c because of the strong taste. I use bee pollen for their b's

  45. Do some reading re toddlers diarhea. My daughter sounds like yours but she is 28 now and that was what she was finally diagnosed with. The Dr said it would resolve itself by the time she was 2 and it did. If I knew then what I know now: kefir and she also have a "tongue tie"

  46. I drink a cup of camomile tea with organic tart cherry juice. The camomile tea is for relaxation and the tart cherry juice has magnesium and melatonin.

    I have also been reading to make sure the room is extremely dark, to even buy black out curtains. Also to make sure lights from alarm clocks, etc. are turned away from your vision.

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