Do y’all have flare ups as the dr calls them?


Thank u for the add..I have so many questions…I don’t know where to begin…I haven’t been diagnosed long …do y’all have flare ups as the dr calls them? If so how do they affect u? Thanks for any help…I need it

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  1. I have flare ups where my hands and feet swell, I get so exhausted I feel nauseous and my chronic pain gets worse.

  2. Omg…I get so exhausted and body aches…feels like the flu…is that normal?

  3. What are flare ups like? Do you get them even though you have been taking medicine regularly?

  4. Having one now, my throat is swollen, my body aches, i am so tired.

  5. I don't really understand the whole flare up thing. I don't have flare ups.

  6. I was recently diagnosed and I did my own researched which helped me understand Hashi's better.
    Izabella Wentz and Amy Myers are very informative.
    I haven't experienced a flare either. (I don't think…)
    I've come to understand that Hashi symptoms vary from person to person, as does the severity.

  7. I was diagnosed in December 2015. My "flare ups" are typically constant hot flashes (more so than usual ) and feeling extremely tired. Continue to get your labs checked every few months and adjust meds as needed. Almost to year three of this disease and still haven't mastered one best solution for managing symptoms!

  8. Yes, definitely get flare ups. I had several colds this winter and have had a huge flare up that is just now starting to settle a little. Have to find your tiggers. Sickness, food, stress, etc

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