Do you all get the flu shot?


I am new to Hashimoto’s and still figuring this all out. I have not gotten the flu shot in the past but with an auto immune now is it more important to get the flu shot? The last two years when I have gotten sick it has taken a long time to get over it. Not sure if there is a connection. Do you all get the flu shot?

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  1. Kim Horton Parker Hey, sorry to hear of the new diagnosis….its not any easy road but having support makes it a little easier. As of flu shot….i have gotten it every year since school without any negative result

  2. I get the flu shot every year. Never had a problem.

  3. I don’t get it because I read somewhere it can cause a flare up.

  4. I never have and never will.

  5. My doctors all recommend it.

  6. My ND says to get it, my ND says no. I think I’ll wait and see.

  7. I get a flu shot every year.

  8. I do not get the flu shot. It can cause a flair up and really what are your chances of getting the same stain of flu that you are immunized for. Not worth the chance. Also, Google Guillian Barre Syndrome.

  9. I use to get one every year but my new primary DR said ..with all my health issues..Hashis, EBV, Fibro….to not get it. This is the second year I have not gotten it. \nHowever, I don’t work anymore so in winter I’m usually home and not exposed to other people’s germs.

  10. I always get it. I have two kids at home so I make sure I get it. I have never had the flu.

  11. I get it every year. So do my kids and DH. No problems whatsoever.

  12. I get it every year…never had a problem.

  13. Just remember you’re introducing a foreign illness/virus, which can cause inflammation and your immune system or thyroid to overreact with this disease…. I got it for the first time in my life last year… due to being forced I to it due to nursing school requirements. It was the longest and hardest choice, but I did it after feeling healthy for over a month, something I didn’t have often… I still got the flu but it lasted maybe 2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks like usual… however in that year I gained over 40 lbs back and could/can tell all that inflammation came back (it was gone when I got the shot). My immune system was good until a little over a week ago after doing a cleanse, I think I wiped a lot of good bacteria out, leaving me susceptible to the first bug… also didn’t get a shot this year due to inflammation n being ill…. it’s a tough choice!

  14. I always get a flu shot

  15. I’m in the healthcare field where about 80% of facilities require you to get it up less you have a dr note to not get it… which I can’t find one who will… so soon I will be forced to get it or will loose my job… however trump is wanting to change this situation back to a free choice… where facilities can’t fire you for not getting it.

  16. I don’t ever recall getting a flu shot as an adult. I haven’t gotten the flu in 16 years.

  17. No ,just the things I have read..I take a multi vitamin,,and immune gummies..and listen to my body….have never really sick

  18. I get it because I have adrenal gland, hydrothyroid, hashimoto. However, last year I got the FLU! Last 24 hours then a week a illness. You have to take extra hydrocortisone when in stress ir illness, to bounce back. Per my John Hopkins ENDO. So in my opinion it might not matter, I got it anyway! Its a dead virus .

  19. I got it once, and it made me so sick. So I don’t get it since then.

  20. I get it every year and have never had a problem.

  21. Yes. We are note susceptible.

  22. I will always get it. I always did. Then two years at I got the flu – the version that was NOT covered by the vaccine at that time and I will not go through that again. It was much more miserable than I would have thought. I think having the flu set off additional autoimmune problems for me. I was already hashimotos hypothyroid before. Never had trouble with the shot. I think we are more susceptible and need it more so than others. Just need to get the shot and not the nasal spray version. The shot is not a live virus.

  23. I used to get it, and I used to get sick for three months(consecutively) every year. I don’t think the shot caused the sickness because it wasn’t always right after I got the shot, but I’m wondering if it may have affected my immunity. Because, I stopped getting it and I haven’t been sick for three months since. My immunity seems to have gotten better and I recover faster.
    A whole factor of things could just make that a coincidence, but for me, it convinces me I do not need one.

  24. I was getting really sick every winter and taking weeks and weeks to recover. My GP recommended to get it ( and she has hashis herself) and I haven’t had the flu since! Works for me 🙂

  25. Just got mine Friday. I get one every year with no problems.

  26. The flu shot always make sicker than skipping it altogether. I even refused it when I was pregnant, even though it was highly recommended. Recommendations are just that.

  27. I do Have done it for many yrs. . Last year I did have doubts but went with my doc`s advice and had no ill effects….. as usual.

  28. I always get it

  29. I don’t believe it actually helps anything. I eat right and don’t normally catch it anyway or if I do it’s only for a few hours. Diet can really change things. You’ll be amazed once you find you triggers and avoid them. Drinking enough water also helps immensely with hashi’s. I would be very leery of the flu shot or anything else you put into your body. There is formaldehyde in the flu shot…I wish you the best and hope this group is a big help to you

  30. Vaccines are highly researched and regulated, and recommended by doctors. Due to the immune system sensitivity, it’s always a safe bet to vaccinate. I just got up to date on every vaccine you can think of (except yellow fever, but I will be getting it – I travel), and the worst side effect I had was sore arms.

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