Do you have severe headaches and migraines?


hello I have 2 questions. I have hashimotos.
do you have severe headaches and migraines? Why? is the disease, is the medication, is Because we take a lot or less t3 and t4? my tsh was always 0 and somedays I dont take t3 and t4. God help me Because I cant stand my severe headaches.
Do you have headaches? What do you do?
I have acne on my face, neck, chest and back, ovaries are always clean; I dont have pcos and I never had high testosterone. my acne is from my thyroid. do you have acne? how heal the acne?

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  1. Have you consulted a dermatologist about your acne to determine the cause of it?

  2. I get awful headaches. I take Excederin Migraine and it helps

  3. Adult acne in women is usually due to a female hormone imbalance. You should consult a neurologist about the headaches.

  4. ^^^agreed. The headaches could very well be hormonal as well.

  5. The acne can also be from perimenopause, which may require a dermatology consult. I tried for years to treat myself, and the medication given to me by the dermatologist was a miracle. I too get migraines but they started at perimenopause. Hypothyroidism can also begin at perimenopause and worsen in menopause. So…I feel they are all related

  6. Yes. Migraines three days a week.

  7. I think my headaches are hormonal and related to perimenopause.

  8. I get terrible migraines/severe headaches. I’m 43 and premenopausal. My end said to check my cycle typically when my estrogen drops that when I get a headache,anxiety,heat flashes etc.


  9. Also – skipping your thyroid medication on a regular basis is never a good idea. If you feel that your dose is not correct then get your levels tested. Being overmedicated or taking too much T3 can also cause headaches.

  10. I do to. Cutting down on gluten, sugar and dairy has helped a lot

  11. My mom gets the severe migraines.

  12. Could be what your eating!

  13. You could have high cortisol or testosterone. I do get bad migraines I take imitrex(sumatriptan) prescribed by a doctor. It could be the Hashimotos. But I also have a pituitary tumor. ????

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