Do you lose weight being gluten free?


Hav hashmoto’s/Hypothyroidism. Struggling what 2eat. Palio Impossible For Me. Cholesterol high. Non celiac. I kno people feel good gluten free. My question…….
Do u lose weight being gluten free? Thanx! Weight is what bugs me!

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  1. I refuse to give up gluten and there’s no way I’m consuming kale. I’ve lost 50 lbs in the past year. Lift weights, add more protein, less carbs. Eliminated major stressors

  2. Removing gluten alone won’t make you lose weight. A calorie deficit is first. Check your macros, get tested to see if you’re deficient in any vitamins and minerals. Thyroid levels in check will help you lose weight. \nI’m gluten free but no weight loss. I feel better though and more energy to exercise.

  3. I lost 40 lbs by going gluten free

  4. Thanx! Got my levels vitamins checked. Vit d low. On 50,000…. T4 little low. Was upped synthyroid to 125mg.

  5. I didn’t lose weight going gluten free.

  6. It also depends on your starting weight. I have about 40 pounds to lose. I lost 50 by simply watching my calorie intake and eating high protein, low carb. Gluten free isn’t the answer to losing my final 40.
    If you have a lot of weight to lose and don’t already watch your diet and read labels, gluten free can help kickstart a healthy lifestyle and way of thinking.

  7. Gluten makes me look like I’m 8 months pregnant

  8. Gluten babies

  9. I had a problem with bloating too- probiotics fixed that, I guess I wasn’t digesting my food properly. I went gf after that as an experiment. I was stunned at the results- Dark circles under my eyes that had been there lifelong disappeared after 3 weeks! That’s inflammation. When I reintroduced after a month, I just felt groggy & run down. I mostly ate a whole foods diet to start. I’d get to work, & there’d be cookies, cake, bagels… Going gf eliminated that garbage so yeah, I lost weight. I didn’t really eat much bread anyway, so I just bought gf oatmeal & pasta and that was about it. What it comes down to is that if you can’t digest it it properly, be it proteins, dairy, gluten, etc., you’ll have trouble “processing it” (was that delicate enough???) and trouble loosing weight.

  10. I’ve found cutting down on dairy for the first half of the day helps, for me the bloating didn’t stop till I stopped taking synthroid and switched to organic thyroid medicine. Also doing excessive cardio helped for a few days with bloating and holding water weight but then it’d come back. Lifting was better and changing my workout routine frequently helped. If you have 2 rest days one week the next week have 3 or 4 then the week afterwards have only 1. Fluctuating my routine really helped.

  11. I have not.

  12. 3 months GF and no weight loss, but no weight gain either. However, my ferritin went down and my blood pressure is now around 145/95, and it was normal in January!!

  13. I lost weight going gluten free. So did my husband and our sons. Wheat seems to bloat the belly with most people. I lost 23 pounds now my bmi is normal. I wear a size 6/8. And my blood pressure is 120/70.

  14. I’ve had 6 kids and gained 65+ with each. I’ve lost the weight each time by counting calories and doing higher protein and lower carb. The key is burning off more than you take in.

  15. True!!!! Thanx

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