Do you need an actual copper supplement?


I cannot believe how much I am learning from reading through the files and posts here. So much is starting to make sense in regards to my health! I am wondering what form of vitamin c you all take? I have been reading about copper imbalance and all that it affects especially the adrenal and how it can cause low ferritin. I have been trying to raise my ferritin for 2 years with iron and cannot raise it to save my life. My other iron levels are normal though. This is a symptom of cooper defieciency according to Morley. From what I read you raise copper with vitamin c. Do you need an actual copper supplement ?

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  1. good question! I have recently started taking liposomal C… haven't taken it long enough to see anything but my Ferritin is low. It's at 1 right now.

  2. No copper supplement….. real, whole food vitamin C, not ascorbic acid, plus liver, blackstrap molasses and/or red beets. You'll get there are so many others here have.

  3. Yes, Ascorbic acid alone actually depletes Vitamin C in the body. While it is one of many nutrients in the Vitamin C molecule, the Whole C molecule is what we really need.

    Ascorbic acid is a pro-oxidant, not an antioxidant, meaning it causes oxidation in the body – not good. It's much more like an antibiotic than a vitamin. Ascorbic acid competes for the binding sites for Vitamin C on our cells and causes the excretion of the real C molecule in the urine.

    I use Innate Response Whole Food Vit C

    Have you had your mag-zinc-copper panel done?

  4. Sorry Monica. Mine was at a 3 two years ago but I can't raise it more than 35 taking iron. I read this tonight. I read instead of watching. Very eye opening.

  5. MJ thank you. I cannot do liver. I started molasses today. Will try juicing beets.

  6. I think copper is fairly easy to get in the diet, especially vegetarian foods, but too much unbound copper causes problems. We need to make ceruloplasmin to use the copper.

  7. Pamela thank you so much. I haven't yet. I'm planning to though.

  8. Michelle Conte Sylvia – the beets can be in any form and don't overdo it.

  9. Lita I was reading that this evening. Have to read up more on it and get copper tested. I have had my mag rbc level done which was low at 4.2. Is copper tested in blood or htma?

  10. Ok. Thank you MJ. I will try to add once or twice a week.

  11. Michelle Conte Sylvia – these are the tests for copper:

  12. And, again… Mag RBC of 4.2 is really low…. 🙂 onward and upward!

  13. MJ thank you. I cannot wait to get my minerals in balance so I can heal and feel better. I have a feeling that my inability to lose weight despite a very good diet has something to
    Do with all this too.

  14. I love this Vit C

  15. Yes, MegaFoods is one of the few good brands of wholefood vitamin C

  16. Is this vitamin C also good

  17. Is Garden of Life brand good?

  18. Yes, Garden of Life is another good wholefood brand.

  19. I've been taking whole food c for almost a year. I'll be doing my second htma soon along with blood work. My ferritin was 11. No copper supplements for me. I'll post my results when I get them.

  20. to raise copper, best to get whole food vit c, grass fed liver mix with grass fed ground beef, cashwes, molasses is my fav.

    May need test to see what mercury levels are since they cause depletion of many key minerals. Definitely make sure copper is getting in the cells. Bio availability is the key to living well. We use this powder.

  21. Young Living super C

  22. Amy Hausmann Held – that brand is not on the list of properly prepared whole food vitamin C.

  23. Young living super c avoid… a phony for sure

  24. Do you just mix Vit C powder in water? How do you all take?

  25. Michelle – Copper is tested in both HTMA and the copper-zinc blood panel. Morely requested for me to get the blood panel for accurate assessment. I don't think you can just go off the HTMA without somewhat guessing. You need the full picture from both.

  26. LOVE this thread. Thank you for talking about Vit C… I need to be taking a different product!! hmmm. I often jump in too fast and have bought several wrong products in last couple months. I'm not even mad about wasting $$ tho I'm always just so HAPPY to figure out the RIGHT supplements.

  27. I haven't done the hair mineral analysis yet, but I suspect both copper deficiency and toxicity. Will supplementing with whole food C make things worse? (i.e. cause copper disregulation to worsen?)

  28. Tina – I think C is one that you should always include in the supplement 'list'. Like with anything – start low and go slow. When upping my vitamin c dose I noticed agitation and a bit of insomnia. I assumed it was the copper that was being 'stirred up'. I reverted to the lower dose and then began halfing the pill to ease into a higher dose. Listen to your body.

  29. Thanks, Pamela Gennow Flood For 4 months I did liposomol C for Lyme, quit that after learning the dangers of ascorbic acid issues from this great group. The lipo did wonders for the Lyme symptoms, but I also developed psoriasis since using it. When I recently stopped for a couple weeks, it improved a lot. Then I started whole food C, about 2 grams per day. The psoriasis is now getting bad again. Trying to figure out if there's a connection to C (in any form, not just ascorbic acid) and if so, is copper disregulation the source of the problem — and C is stirring it up? It's all too complicated!! 🙁

  30. Tina Matt that is possible to not have enough bioavailable copper for metabolic functioning. I am deficient and raising that now.

    They though I had Wilsons. Nope… balance is key.
    Copper Functions

    Copper maintains mineral balance, thus a balanced pH with normal blood viscosity, by functioning as the primary antioxidant in the body.

    When the blood is of normal viscosity with optimal blood flow, the blood is able to rid the body of toxic metals, chemicals, and any overload of other minerals, thereby retaining and balancing out the nutrient minerals.

    It has been documented that a,

    "decrease in antioxidant protection caused by copper deficiency goes beyond a decrease in the activity of copper-dependent enzymes by inducing a wide range of disturbances in the other enzyme systems."

    (Ref 4)

    This is because sufficient copper levels are extremely important in the formation and/or activity of numerous other enzymes involved in the formation of,

    bone and connective tissue

    immune system

    cardiovascular and heart



    blood vessels


    collagen and elastin

    blood clotting factors

    all the glandular systems,

    …and many others. (Ref 4)

    Thus, it can be stated with certainty that copper is the single most important nutrient in the body. This is why copper is the target for deprivation and depletion.

  31. Thanks Teddie Miller…. I'm autoimmune hypothyroid as well. I'd bet that and the Lyme could have been prevented a long time ago if I had understood the impact of mineral imbalance. Interestingly, my 8 siblings all have autoimmune disorders of one form or another. Hepatitis, low thryoid, psoriatic arthritis, etc….: (

  32. I am in the same boat, is this whole food Vit C good?

  33. I take a tsp of this a day. Is this a good one? It makes me feel great! I keep in the fridge.

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  35. Cheryl Ghabayen LE Lmt that says absorbic acid. That is not s good source.

  36. These are the whole food C avail at vitamin shoppe near me. Not sure if these are good or one better than any other. I took pic so I can research these.

  37. Vitamin Code is OK .

  38. Thank you Pamela! I appreciate your reply. Need to get both things done. All of this is so interesting Tina and Teddie. So is it possible to be deficient and toxic in copper all at the same time? I am assuming the copper toxicity is due to it not being able to enter cells and I think that has a part to do with supplementing iron which I have been doing for two years!

  39. Michelle Conte Sylvia – we have both bound copper (good) and unbound copper (naughty). The four tests help tell the story

  40. Thanks MJ. I have a person in my town that does htma testing I believe. Well he comes to a shop in my town. Going to look into that and getting the blood when I go in for routine in 8 weeks

  41. Just make sure that he is really experienced in interpreting the HTMA and uses one of the two high quality labs: TEI or ARL.

  42. O.k. I will write those down and ask him. If not maybe I will just go through Morly. bbbb

  43. I decided to try the MegaFood Ultra C-400 that I was able to buy at an overpriced $$$ at WholeFoods…. should have bought on Amazon but I'm impatient. 🙂

  44. Very good sources

  45. Michelle – yes, during my 1st pregnancy I was ill informed by my midwife to supplement iron. I know better now (take Whole food Vit C) and it is likely the cause of some of my current issues.

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