Do you think that the soup is actually gluten free?


I usually try to avoid eating out as much as possible. Olive Garden has a “gluten sensitivie” menu (obviously not celiac safe, but decided to risk it) I ordered a salad (does not come with croutons on it) to go. I also ordered Zuppa Tuscana because it was the only soup on this gf menu. I surprisingly had no reaction. Do you think that the soup is actually gluten free or just within the 20ppm threshold? I have seen people post Zuppa Tuscana gf recipes so this is where my question stems from… ? please no judgements, just trying to figure out if I just got lucky or if it really is gluten free (not including possible CC of course).

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  1. It’s also possible that damage was done but you didn’t feel it. It’s often referred to as ‘the honeymoon period’

  2. I am extremely sensitive. I have occasionally had to eat at a restaurant with a gluten friendly menu. I just ask them to be as careful as they can, I know there are no guarantees. Generally speaking, I do fairly well. Kudos to Iron Hill Brewery on that one, for example.

  3. Every copy cat recipe I’ve seen is naturally GF – as long as GF broth, sausage, etc is used – so it could actually be safe (CC aside, of course)

  4. It isn’t roux based.

  5. I’m gonna guess it’s just within the 20ppm threshold bc that would also encompass CC.

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