Do you think this is partially from the Hashi?


Hi Guys
I have a question. I have had Hashi for 30 plus years. My muscle tone is VERY bad. My legs look awful. saggy, loose, cellulite. Do you think this is partially from the Hashi?
My Moms and Grandmothers legs looked like this too. I am considering wearing capri leggings to swim in. I am 54 by the way.

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  1. Hereditary. Not Hashi’s.

  2. Maybe try Pilates?

  3. It’s just called aging and gravity.I am the same as you. Don’t wear the capris, Find a swim skirt or swim shorts, but enjoy the beach and the water. It’s hard not to look around and compare ourselves to the younger ladies on the beach, but some day they will be us. Look for other women your age and you will notice they pretty much look the same. I will be 54 next month and can totally relate.

  4. More likely, it’s genetics. My mom is 74 and people still tell her she has nice looking legs.

  5. I’ve had Hashi’s for over 40 years and although I’m a bit “fluffy” I have higher than average muscle mass for a woman my age (54). Muscular legs just seem to run in our family.

  6. I agree. It’s genetics. My Mom has cellulite, so of course, so do I. Thanks a lot, Mom! 😉

  7. Yes sadly i believe. It is from hashimotos it’s also water retention, I am now on water retention tablets every other day and mine has gone loads xxxx

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