Do you use gluten free lotion, shampoo, make up, etc.?


Questions to all members: Do you use gluten free lotion, shampoo, make up, etc.?

I’m finding that not all celiacs treat them the same way.

I use gf for anything that goes in or on my mouth like Chapstick or toothpaste, because my understanding that the skin can’t absorb it. Please let me know if you have thoughts otherwise!

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  1. I have been wondering about this too.

  2. I have some celiac friends who won’t use anything that isn’t gf and some who don’t worry about gf unless they are swallowing it.

  3. I’m very sensitive to gluten. I have been diagnosed with CD, DH & Celiac Neuropathy. I get ill from the slightest exposure to gluten so it’s no gluten in any product. Just because someone doesn’t have any obvious signs of being glutened doesn’t mean that damage isn’t occurring.

  4. Just for reference, here’s one article that led me to how I treat gf products :)\n\n

  5. My doctor said gluten will only effect you if digested, and all the gluten free lotions and shampoos are a gimmick (unless you digesting it). Not to start an argument, just what I was told.

  6. I use gf everything because don’t want to chance it.

  7. My doctor told me that there is no path for the gluten protein through skin to the gut. It has to be ingested. I worry about lipsticks and lotions (because of possible transfer from hand to mouth).

  8. I get DH…the awful rash that literally makes you feel like you are losing your mind, and use only gf topical stuff .

  9. I use gf shampoo, when I was using normal stuff my scalp and back where my hair touched would get super itchy all the time. The itch went away when I started using all gf hair products

  10. what brand shampoo and conditioner?

  11. I have dh and breaks in the skin are a problem

  12. Yes! I will itch and burn like crazy. And if I used my hands to put it on, it’s a slam dunk

  13. I don’t worry about gf makeup or lotion or shampoo. Only food and chapstick/lipstick! Celiac is only triggered by ingestion, not through the skin!

  14. I only worry about make up, but only for foundation and lipstick.

  15. I use every gluten free being it does irritate my skin and I get the same skin reaction as when I ingest it. Also why risk it I always think

  16. While it is true gluten cannot be absorbed by the skin, this is why I don’t use cosmetics with gluten:\nSkin and hair shed constantly. This creates a dust cloud around us. We can’t see it, well… some of us can but we ignore it. The stuff that is shed also contains gluten if we have been using gluteny products. \nHere enters the nose. We are breathing these particles in all day long. Many people say That’s not an issue, but really? Everyday humans swallow a pint or two of mucus. The gluten you have inhaled throughout the day is trapped in this mucus and makes its way to your small intestine! \nSo please don’t use gluteny cosmetics or personal care products. It’s bad enough you’re likely breathing other peoples’ gluten.

  17. I do! All the products I use on our family are not on gluten free they are safe in many more ways. Life is too short to take chances

  18. The skin can absorb it. Anything put on the skin can be absorbed. I use to have itchy scalp and wondered if the wheat in the shampoo was a factor.

  19. I am extremely sensitive and I DO NOT Believe for a minute it is not absorbed–i use or touch gluten I know it. Everything is gf in my house including cat and dog food.

  20. I had a Irish h Spring bar soap set me off..IE allergen because tricaate (wheta /bran love child ) is also a no no ,, BUt I do have roseca and other food && envo. allergens also

  21. sum: on the skin is ok, but if any tear.rash or acc in gestation is a trigger

  22. Lipstick is all I’ve been concerned about. NARS and Tarte lipsticks are gf. Burts Bees Chapstick is my go to always.

  23. I use all gf makeup and shampoo and conditioner. I don’t worry as much about other body stuff, but I once had a month where I could not figure out what was triggering a reaction and found wheat protein in my conditioner. I suppose I get a lot in my mouth when I shower. hahaha. I also find I’m just extra sensitive on the skin (especially after an accidental glutening) so a lot of these products are easier on my sensitive skin regardless of whether gluten itself is the problem.

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