Doc says I need t3 reverse exám


I have hypothyroidism and My doctor says I Need t3 reverse exám. And if it is high one root cause is low level of iron. Is it truth. ? I apréciate your comments. I have hashimoto disease

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  1. Iron has two faces.
    Functional Iron = good
    Non-functional iron = bad, toxic.


  2. Morley on Thyroid; (to a previous post)
    Let me just paraphrase your comments above, if I may…
    You, too, are operating under "old" paradigms…
    o "Stress!" CAUSES mineral loss, esp. to Mg & Zinc.
    o The Thyroid is RULED by the mineral ratio of Calcium/Potassium
    o The Adrenals are RULED by the mineral ratio of Sodium/Magnesium
    o It's well documented on STTM that ALL Thyroid issues FOLLOW Adrenal collapse…
    o When "Stress!" builds, and becomes CHRONIC, it creates mineral gyrations/chaos:
    – Mg goes down, which CAUSES Sodium to rise, eventually to fall, and Adrenals to get
    taxed as the Na/Mg ratio then gets smaller and smaller…
    – Mg goes down and Calcium rises & Potassium drops, too, which CAUSES the Thyroid
    ratio to go sky high and the Thyroid to slooooooow down…
    – Zinc goes down, and Copper builds which is stored in the Liver and is the BIGGEST
    cause of T4>>T3 disruption, which occurs there, and NOT in the Thyroid…
    o And yes, it's NOT conventional thinking, and yes, Hormones are involved, but it takes
    MINERALS to make them… Our bodies are designed to MAKE Hormones and NOT eat them…
    So, I hope that this makes some degree of sense given the unique focus of MAG and this
    gaggle of MAG-pies…
    I'm of the opinion that a large swath of the metabolic dysfunction that pervades the world is
    because we have been trained to RUSH to "treat" a Thyroid that is actually suffering from
    undernourished Adrenals that ONLY recover when Minerals, plenty of FAT, Sleep, wholefood
    Vit-C Complex (NOT Ascorbic Acid) and B-vitamins are restored…
    I realize that this is not "mainstream" thinking, but the fact that 1/3 of Americans (I don't know
    the # worldwide…) being on Synthroid and the level of obesity ONLY continues to accelerate,
    tells me that convention ain't working… As Einstein cautioned us, it's time for some fresh
    thinking when the problems don't go away…
    I'll look forward to your thoughts in response… And here's a thoughtful essay written by Drs.
    David & Michael Wells that will shatter many myths about what "thyroid disease" really is…
    A votre sante!

  3. Hashimotos is a symptom of non-functional toxic iron overload in the liver. When the liver is congested with non-functional iron it slows down the conversion of T4 to T3.

    Follow the Root Cause Protocol which includes taking the adrenal cocktails which are required to replenish the mineral depleted adrenal glands. Lower the non-functional toxic iron in the liver and then the thyroid hormones will be able to be converted properly in the liver.

    The Root Cause Protocol also increases Magnesium RBC which is needed to regulate Calcitonin, PTH and Hormone D which regulate the level and the placement of calcium in the body.

    The Root Cause Protocol is also designed to increase our Ceruloplasmin ferroxidase enzyme (bioavailable copper). The Ceruloplasmin ferroxidase enzyme is required to make the unbound iron (which has been removed from the blood and stored in our tissues and organs) functional and circulating throughout the body to where it is needed -moderator

  4. Where does the autoimmune attack on the thyroid fit in? I see that non-functional iron in the liver slows conversion. But what causes the autoimmune issue?

  5. I have the same issues

  6. In hashimotos levels of

  7. ferritin

  8. vitd3 are all trashed and the body cannot convert the T4 in synthyroid or levothyroxine into the vital T3 that every body cell needs in order to function …not sure where or if the magnesium protocol comes in or whether it can reverse Hashimotos Autoimmune Hypothyroid

  9. Folate and B12 with Intrinsic Factor are in the recommended grassfed beef liver.

  10. Selenium is needed to help convert T4 to T3. 2-3 Brazil nuts daily.

  11. And iodine is important… many trace elements are missing from soil, and so our food nowadays.

  12. So to take it one step further why is there so much literature about how celiac and hashimotos go hand in hand. I have both and I'm always told this. What causes the antibodies?

  13. Why not armour? Which is best?

  14. Forgive me. What is NDT and WP? I am wanting to get off synthroid.

  15. Thank you!

  16. Thank you!! (-:

  17. Thank you!! I hate autoimmune issues

  18. Are they all readily available at pharmacies with a prescription? Does insurance usually treat it like synthroid?

  19. My insurance covered Armour, but wouldn't cover Natures Thyroid

  20. Thank you!! I would hate to talk my dr into a switch and then not be able to get it. I have some learning to do!!

  21. /-: Seems strange that with such a demand, they would be out so long.

  22. Reverse T3 can be low iron, adrenal fatigue (get cortisol checked by 24 hr saliva test), or undiagnosed Lyme disease (or infection)

  23. Reverse T3 is the mirror image molecule, not only inactive but blocks receptor sites thereby inhibiting useful T3. The usual T3 test doesn't discriminate between the two versions, you just get a total. So elevated T3 could explain high TSH and low thyroid symptoms.

  24. I'm on natural thyroid for Hashimoto's and my doc said to get checked here in France, where I am until mid-summer. Well, the professor in encocrinology I just saw said that natural thyroid is make-believe medicine and that I need Levothyroxine. What's worse, I cannot get a refill at the pharmacie, so I to get the meds mailed to me from Canada.

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