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I have a question and hoping for an answer.. I was diagnosed with Hashis this past May. I was initially put on Armour .25 and was doing pretty well on it once my body adjusted. I was advised by my doc to go to an Endo since it is an auto- immune disease. Endo immediately put me on Synthroid .15 and told me to take it for 3 months. I never made the 3rd month because I was not sleeping and was irritable, stressed out, with panic attacks My hubby noticed the change and I knew I was not myself either.. I went back to the Endo and she stated that since she does not write Armour that she was in agreement that I go off the synthroid and have my primary write Armour again and go back on it. My bloodwork was done and my levels had not changed much since diagnosis except my T4s were even lower but within normal range down from 1.32 to .88 . T-3 at 1.1 from 1.2. I asked her why she did not check my thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobin antibodies. My Endo stated that she does not test for that once diagnosed because all it tells is that I have the disease and it was already determined from the last bloodwork. Anyways, I went back on the Armour and started feeling better. That was in late October. Now I am getting the panic attacks back. My doc wants to put me on a low dose of Zoloft because I have been experiencing some anxiety as well as the panic attacks. I just feel like I had less issues before the diagnosis!I never had panic attacks before. Has anyone else experienced this? Any input would be greatly appreciated… Sorry for the long post..

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  1. I can’t take Armour, makes me sick

  2. Panic attacks are probably cause your thyroid is flipping hyper… Have doc check your levels. I tried Armour but couldn’t take it. I’m now on Synthroid and cytomel (t3)

  3. initially the synthroid caused the problem. That is why I went back to Armour. It helped for a month but now I am back to panic attacks and feeling anxious..

  4. I was anxious on Armour. I flipped to NatureThroid and my panic went away.

  5. I just do not know whether I should go off the thyroid med altogether Lisa. I feel that it started the panic attacks to begin with.. I was on Armour for 3 months feeling great and then the Endo switched me to synthroid. Thats when I started to feel hyper and have panic attacks. Hence why I went back to Armour. Now I am wondering if I should even be on any thyroid meds for my Hashi’s. I was better and now after two months on Armour feeling this way again but worse.

  6. I just do not want to go on Zoloft for a quick fix if it is being caused by the thyroid meds.. I have heard of Nature thyroid. Is it a lot different than Armour?

  7. You just may not be on the right meds. I can’t function without my thyroid meds so I would never advocate not taking them.

  8. Hi Mare, I have anxiety and panic attacks, so my Endo said Armour would not be a good idea for me, I take Tirisont for my Hashi’s, I am not in normal range yet, it has been a slow process to say the least. I cannot tolerate Zoloft but it is a wonderful med for anxiety and panic attacks. Panic Attacks and anxiety are symptoms of having Hashi’s, but also can be caused if you are swinging into hyper. I see that you live in Palm Harbor, I am in Tampa.

  9. Hi Christi, thanks for responding.I guess I should place a call to my Endo but I just feel so frustrated because I cannot stand the panic attacks that keep happening and the anxiety I feel. I am going through anxiety I have never felt before..I was written Zoloft and am so hesitant to try it if the meds are causing the anxiety. I have had some stress with my job but I don’t know why I am having these panic attacks..

  10. I would look for an Endo that specializes in hashi. My Endo is very attentive to my symptoms and does use both armour and synthroid to balance out the issues.

  11. great to know.. Thank you Cyndi. I will have to look and see who is in my network. Most Endos here do not write Armour.

  12. I have a wonderful Endo in Wesley Chapel and she writes for Armour, her name is Dr. Lucia Gilling.

  13. Wow that’s crazy. My Endo prescribed that first and then balanced my t4 with synthroid. Finding the right Doctor is critical. I was diagnosed over 15 years ago and didn’t find a good one until 6 months ago. They all said your numbers are in range. Ignored all my symptoms. So now I have one that looks at symptoms and not just blood work.

  14. Great to know Christi.. I will check it out for sure.. Thanks so much… How did you fare through the storms last night?

  15. Just some small tree branches down, so not bad. My Mom lives in Palm Harbor, Curlew/19. My Endo treats my symptoms and really listens to me, I was diagnosed in 2014, and am really struggling with fatgue and brain fog. I have a medication absorption problem so it has been a slow process.

  16. Use what works for you. There is no ‘right’ answer with this disease. If this endo doesn’t give you what you need find someone who will. It isn’t easy, but you need to look out for you. Sadly, most of the docs out there are very ignorant of our condition. They’re following the text books and this is not a text book type of disease. Meds are a must along with supplements and dietary changes that are suited to your body’s requirements. It will take a very long time to puzzle out what helps you. Don’t give up or accept someone else’s answers if they don’t work. It is your life – fight for it.

  17. Go to a holistic doc to combine meds

  18. Thanks Ginger, I will look to see if I am covered insurance wise for a holistic doc. I appreciate the info

  19. Hashi’s attacks the thyroid so spending time getting your meds right is better for you in the long term even though it’s a PITA in the short term. I refuse to take any \

  20. You might be better off taking Tirosint (T4) and Cytomel (T3) together so you can fine tune the amount of T3 you need. Your endo is correct about the antibodies.

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