Doctor put me on magnesium citrate


I have adrenal fatigue and my naturopathic doctor put me on magnesium citrate. In the adrenal fatigue group I’m being told I shouldn’t take this one. I just don’t understand why my naturopath would have me take it if isn’t good. Can anyone provide insight?? Thank you!!!

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  1. Citrate interferes with the enzyme function of ceruloplasmin, which binds copper and iron, making them usable in the body. Not a good idea to mess with. Valerie Engh's article on citrate and ceruloplasmin is in files, and the studies are within.

  2. Your adrenal group is correct citrate is not recommended here .

  3. lack of understanding the entire magnesium world!

  4. My former ND loved citrate, too. Companies use citrate because it is cheap, the NDs make a lot of money selling supplements.

  5. There's no issues switching or combining types that I have ever noticed.

  6. The information about citrate damaging ceruloplasimin is very new. Many Naturopaths are not yet aware of it.

  7. So would magnesium citrate cause low ferritin?

  8. I have two roommates that often use Magnesium Calm. What's the best alternative for them? Can often having Mag Calm cause "detox" foggy brain and general fatigue? One has been really bad off this week.

  9. My doctor and naturopath hadn't heard of the effects from citrate either. My naturopath was really interested and I sent her info. I just switched mag types 🙂

  10. My np did the same even after I questioned her about it

  11. Which adrenal fatigue group is this? I would like to join.

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