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Hey everyone,
I was diagnosed with hashimotos a few months back and my doctor recommended a prescribed weight loss pill called contrave. Has anyone used it. Good and bad experiences are welcomed I’m nervous to start taking it. Would love some feedback.

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  1. Yes my endo did and I said no I’d rather lose weight with nutritional food

  2. I’ve eaten nothing but healthy food I see a nutritionist. I walk 5 miles a day and still am not losing weight that’s why she recommended it for me.

  3. I have to literally starve to lose so I know your pain

  4. I’m on it and i’m in a great group on FB… very supportive. I was not able to lose anything before and I am doing great on Contrave! there are some side effects…. so drinking lots of water is key

  5. Have you tried going gluten free? \nThat’s what finally worked for me.\nGood luck!

  6. I’m on Vivanse ( not sure if spelled right)

  7. I tried it. Made me really nauseous all the time. I gave it 3 months and stopped

  8. Anyone tried Topamax?

  9. I did that one too. Helped a little with migraines but I didn’t lose any weight on it

  10. Tried topamax too. I didn’t lose anything

  11. I went gluten free and didn’t help. Maybe I will ask about this pill

  12. gluten free helps me feel better, but no weight loss. none of the pills worked for me personally. I started using Plexus and feel so much better

  13. Holly have you lost weight with plexus

  14. i started about 2 months ago and have lost around 6 lbs. I dont have (ok dont make) a lot of time to exercise, but am working on that. It fluctuates, but my main thing is improving my health and the way i feel. losing weight if i do is a bonus… i feel so much better on it i actually signed up as an ambassador to sell it.

  15. Hmmm worth researching. I am trying to locate a functional dr that my insurance will cover.

  16. you dont have to go through a dr for plexus. just an ambassador 🙂 i posted a pic of the products and my site if you want to read up on the product and ingredients. you can find an ambassador almost everywhere, if you want to actually talk to one and ask questions personally, but ordering is easy through any ambassadors site

  17. Oh I know. Guess I’m all over the board lol sorry. I want a functional dr because they don’t just treat symptoms and they are for a more natural approach.

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