Doctor said my teen daughter is anemic


Doctor said my teen daughter is anemic. Any advice on what she should take?

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  1. floradix and yellow dock tincture.

  2. Being off gluten for six months 'cured' my lifelong anemia. I was diagnosed at age 5 with anemia and hypoglycemia. It was discovered because I had daily regular headaches and migraines. At age 45, I quit gluten for 30 days on a whim and the headaches disappeared the first month along with ten pounds; mainly inflammatory water weight. The anemia was cured six months off gluten as my body began to absorb nutrients better and heal.

  3. My four month old is anemic and she's strictly on formula, no solids yet. I wonder what I can do to help this issue. Dr recommends iron supplements plus iron fortified formula. Poor girl gets such an uncomfortable tummy so we give probiotics but it's an ongoing issue for her.

  4. I wish there was a beef liver chewable tablet
    for our little ones who can't
    Swallow pills and won't eat liver.

  5. Does no one read the pinned posts before they come on here and give poor advice? What in the world?

  6. My daughter took Opti-Fern C supplement (it's iron)through our Chiropractor.

  7. Iron anemic or low B12 anemic?

  8. This is why we say please read pinned post, we do not recommended taking iron supplements

  9. I have anemia to all my life

  10. Super helpful to post your iron levels so people can give good information

  11. There are homeopathic remedies that are iron based and help the body absorb iron from food better, without loading up on iron as one would w a supplement. May be worth looking into, if you can find a homeopathic practitioner near you.

  12. My anemia cleared up after I stopped eating gluten.

  13. Melodie Maestrey, follow the root cause protocol for your daughter. My son was having health issues and what main stream medicine considered anemia. He is doing great on the whole protocol and the dark bags under his eyes are nearly gone. He has energy and sleeps so much better.

  14. Liver tablets and whole foods C.

  15. Chicken liver adobo

  16. Have a blood test to determine which type of iron supplement she would need. Mine was low in ferritin so I need to take ferrous sulfate. At first the dr told me oh just eat iron rich foods. Then she did the blood test and turned out to be I needed that supplement as well.

  17. No need for iron supplements. These will let her body sort itself out.

  18. Unsulphured Organic Blackstrap Molasses!

  19. I eat dark chocolate, red meats, avocados, bananas, and veggies like asparagus and artichoke. I also avoid most leafy greens. My anemia is mostly under control, though magnesium and iron supplements are still needed sometimes

  20. Grassfed beef liver and rice.

  21. Iron supplement. Good one is from Nature's Sunshine.

  22. Oh my. MJ is a mod here. Please read the pinned post outlining the root cause protocol. It's is the foundation for the whole group. Iron supplements are NOT part of the protocol. I have been anemic my whole like TAKING iron and no longer take iron but follow the protocol. I'm finally NOT anemic. This is way better than integrative medicine. This is a whole body healing protocol. Which is provided via this group and the MAG website for FREE from Morley Robbins.

  23. We focused on removing inflammation from the gut so they could absorb iron. We used 80/10/10 diet which includes a lot of leafy greens.

  24. I drank chlorophyll to get out if an aenemic state, it worked great!

  25. Anemia is not remedied by a one-size-fits-all solution!!! It really depends on a number of factors, that will determine what the best course of action may be. If she has a problem with gluten, Cream of Wheat will be a disaster for her! Of course a diet that is particular for her constitution/blood type is of the utmost importance. Issues with absorption are critical to address or even the best diet will not correct the anemia. A thorough assessment by good metabolic physician would be the best way to go.

  26. None of these other things really has ever worked for me, except for floradix. My midwife was originally the person to suggest it, said in her 30-40yrs experience it was the most reliable form of iron

  27. I have been on and off anemic for decades. Floradix absorbs well and is not hard on the stomach like pill forms. Doesn't taste great but it's a 1once shot or two a day. Take with some orange juice for better absorption.
    I am now on iron infusions monthly for 4yrs.

  28. Ivana Sea

  29. Floradix or floravit

  30. look into pumpkin seed:)

  31. Beets, tomatoes any vegetables with high iron content

  32. B12. tablets

  33. vit b12 can effect anemia

  34. I take Floradix

  35. You can join iron defenacy group. They have you lot of information

  36. I was anemic until I stopped eating meat

  37. Chinese medicine Mobile Acu L.A.

  38. It depends on what type of anemia it is. Not only iron deficiency causes anemia ( it is the number one cause though in a teen especially if has heavy menstrual bleeding) Vit B12 and folate deficiency can cause anemia among other causes)

  39. Definitely avoid iron supplements. We have toomuch toxic unvound iron in oir bodies. tje root protocol in the magnesiim advocacy group. Wheat grassnjuice shots help alleviate anemia.without iron and faster too. Blackstrap molassesnis a safe source of iron.

  40. Why is she anemic?

  41. Please post the values of these blood tests and that will begin to tell the story.

  42. Caitlin you're anaemic… have a read

  43. NOT iron sups. Whole food vitamin C from this protocol is really helping me. Anemia since my periods started at 12. I'm 43 now and finally dealing with the problem. Follow Morley recommendations.

  44. Yellow dock is an herb that raises iron or Hemeplex that has Vit.c for absorption but I'd do yellow doc first. I've tried several and I like the Natures Sunshine brand the best

  45. For Melodie Maestrey – welcome to the group! I hope that you have seen some of the posts by our experienced MAG members and my fellow admin/moderators. I would highly encourage you to watch the video in the pinned post and look at the other links there.

    Otherwise, you can watch it on the following website and read more information below it.

    There are some fantastic 'iron toxicity' posts you can read through after that which will give you a full perspective on where the anemia situation

    We are going to turn comments off here for now as there's been a lot of comments which aren't in line with the premise of this group, and we want to give Melodie a chance to read everything. If she wants it to be re-opened at some stage, she can send an admin such as MJ or myself a message.

    In the mean time, here is some quality reading on the topic from Morley, the founder of this group specifically in this area of 'anemia'.

    #51 The ironic deceit of "anemia". You are not anemic! You have "anemia" of chronic inflammation, which means you are iron toxic, and it's being stored in your tissues. (Jan 26, 2017):

    #52 If still "anemic

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