Does anyone ever have bloody stools and bloody vomit


Hello I have question. Does any one ever have bloody stools and bloody vomit??

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Answers ( No )

  1. I have no idea why

  2. If you do thinking you should go to the dr

  3. Definitely go see a doctor please. That could be a sign of something very very wrong and needs to be seen asap.

  4. Blood in stools and vomiting blood is a sign of internal bleeding.

  5. You better see a dr asap

  6. Is the actual stool full of blood or is it that there’s only a little blood due to irritation from hard stool? You should definitely not be having any vomiting unless you’re eating the wrong things. You really need to be Consulting with your doctors and not with Facebook.

  7. Bloody stools indicate hemmoroids, proctal, colon or maybe large intestine involvement…. bloody vomit indicates esophageal or stomach issues… please call your doctor ASAP and get seen right away… you may be really anemic too which can cause breathing and heart problems and all kinds of other stuff!

  8. I had horrible recital bleeding and nausea, among other issues, which is actually why I went to see my doctor. Once I was diagnosed with Celiac and started my Gluten Free lifestyle, the bleeding and nausea stopped.

  9. Go to the doctor

  10. Thank you everyone I see him in two days I’ll go to the er if it gets worse

  11. That is usually a sign of internal bleeding. You should go to the ER immediately

  12. Bloody stools but if you’re throwing up blood you should go to the ER

  13. Yes but make sure the doctor goes over all symptoms first.

  14. Yes! Stopped when i went gluten free

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