Does anybody eat gluten?


So many people say go gluten free. I did for over 5 years and never noticed a difference. Does anybody eat gluten, or find that eliminating it was not helpful, or made you feel worse?

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  1. I eat a well rounded diet of all food groups, with no problems. My doctor doesn't believe in the "you must be gluten free just because you have Hashimoto's".

  2. I was GF for a little over two years. I see no difference either.

  3. I went gluten-free for a little while in and did absolutely nothing. The science behind it is non-existent unless you have a separate condition like celiac disease. Some people say you have to go gluten free for at least a year to see a change, which is absolutely ridiculous. If you actually had an intolerance or issue with a specific food or substance in a food and you eliminated it from your diet you would see results really quickly. Fact of the matter is the majority of people, including those with thyroid issues, have no problem with gluten. . If people want to do it more power to them, but really it's just a waste of time money and energy. Not to mention some research has shown that going gluten-free when you don't actually need to is worse for your thyroid and a long run because there are certain nutrients and vitamins that you are not taking in proper amount, I believe zinc was one of them.

  4. There are other ways to get your zinc. Many people have severe reactions when they eat gluten. Advising people otherwise and stating it as fact is not a good idea. AIP helps people

  5. I eat a full and balanced diet and I'm pretty much symptom free.

  6. Tried it and it made no difference, all levels stayed the same. I feel great when I eat gluten

  7. I don't know why some people think it is a cure-all. I had the blood test but it was inconclusive. My endo at the time, recommended elimination diet rather than a biopsy and if it made a difference, make the change, if not, reintroduce it. I did have a huge difference but it is such a pain in the tush in the beginning, I don't know why people would do it.

  8. I eat a well balanced diet with no restrictions and I have no symptoms. I just take my levo

    I've been checked for Celiac, I don't have it so I have no need to eliminate gluten.

  9. Well you have died harders like Jobie who just threw a tantrum and blocked me because she could not handle the fact that I don't think gluten is evil and I have read studies the saying that not eating it to be harmful. I think people who take it to that extreme honestly have some underlying issues to address and not necessarily in the physical manner. They have a need to make things much worse and much more dramatic than they really are. Why, I don't know. That's just how some people are i guess

  10. Kami Erwin here’s a study that shows that eliminating gluten doesn’t stop the progression of Hashimoto's

    A gluten-free diet seemed not to prevent the progression of autoimmune process during a follow-up of 1 year.

  11. I just find the whole "gluten free" just because you have Hashi's is absolutely ridiculous.

  12. To each their own, one size doesn't fit all.

    I have stayed gluten free because when I eat it I get mad headaches, acne, fatigue, pain in my body and face. And overheat. Idk what it is. I was tested for celiacs – colonoscopy/Endoscopy and allergy testing, all negative. do what works best for you, Kami!

  13. Not all of us need to be gluten free. However, in the U.S. our wheat crops are sprayed with Round-Up pesticide which is banned in Europe. I had to go gluten free because gluten makes me sick. If I were to eat bread, I'd buy Ezekiel bread which is sprouted bread. I ate it prior to being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Ezekiel bread is better for you and is full of fiber and nutrients. Trader Joe's sells Ezekiel bread.

    I have two sons that have Hashimotos (no thyroid problems) and we all have problems with gluten. Every body is different and reacts differently to this disease.

  14. I went gluten free for 4 months. Felt more energy but have noticed a big
    difference since going back in gluten, my hair fell out in clumps

  15. I have never been gluten free. Diagnosed in 1971.

  16. I tried but didnt see a difference. I am an American living in Norway. I was told I was gluten intolerant. I read after trying the gluten free for several years that our gluten is different. I dont know if different is the right word. Our food on the whole is processed/grown differently. I stopped being gluten free and havent seen any differences really. With that said I still avoid a lot of products with gluten because I just dont like them… like bread there isnt much out there I want. However our corner deli makes the most wonderful ciabatta. I eat that… the same goes for dairy for me… I havent had much gut issues since taking enzymes and stopping with an NSAIDS.

  17. Didn't work for me either…in fact, I felt awful! Worse for sure…I try to eat clean, mostly organic and that works for me.

  18. For me, it's about going sugar free not gluten free. I feel better when I keep away from refined carbs.

  19. I believe if you have the MTHFR mutation then gluten is a not good because most gluten has folic acid in it.

  20. Karen Brooks, Roun-up banned in EU? Not true.
    Glifosphate ( same as Round-up sell all overEurope). I live here

  21. But, can anybody really handle Gluten, whether you have hasimotos or not? THAT should be the real question.

  22. If GF didn't help you, then you need to avoid all grains.. Try 100% grain free.

  23. I'm not going gluten free. I'm working out and eating less carbs. Since starting working out I feel so much more energy.

  24. There are people who are gluten free and then there are people who aren't gluten free. Why all the bickering about it? If gluten free helps some people why not be a support to them? If eating gluten doesn't cause any health problems to other folks why not support them?

  25. I definitely think it differs for different people. I have friends with Hashimoto's that can eat gluten with no problem. Unfortunately, it really affects me so I can't eat it:(. You're both right!

  26. I decided to go gluten free in January to see if it would help me. I don't feel any different in fact I feel the same, however my TPO did drop over 100.

  27. That combined with Auto immune diet made a difference. I stopped losing hair and felt fine. I gradually added foods back in but always stayed gluten free. Recent relapse so I'm doing AIP again.

  28. I think if you have leaky gut, you should avoid gluten until you can completely restore your gut.

  29. Doesn't it cause inflammation in the body? So just cause your not getting bloated or pain etc doesn't mean its not causing inflammation inside your body.

  30. I try to avoid gluten , I'm not hardcore . I have been totally gluten free for over a year and then started to add some back and honesty I have not noticed a difference ….. I am Hashimotos hypo as well . My NP recommended to try gluten free. So I guess I'm u decided . I don't eat refined carbs though . No white breads or rice stuff like that . Just try to keep it clean ….

  31. Well gluten free made me regular I go every single day now because of this my doctor phoned me today and has asked to have gluten for the next 2 weeks as he wants me to test for celiac disease

  32. I tried gluten free for a year and felt worse. Now I just try and limit my gluten intake. Only thing that has helped is taking essential oils internally.

  33. Quitting refined sugar and dairy has helped me alot.

  34. We are all so different aren't we.

  35. I eat everything!

  36. I'm newly diagnosed and food I think it's going to be a struggle cuz I'm a picky eater. This is all so overwhelming but I want to do whatever I can to feel better. I'm loving seeing all the ideas and seeing what maybe I can do that would work for me and hopefully it'll help my body too.

  37. Giving up gluten has helped me a lot. Years ago when I did eat it I would feel like I had the flu. Don't really miss it at all.

  38. I started gluten free in the past two months to see if it made a difference. Every evening before I attempted this, I'd feel terrible, like I had the flu, would have trouble swallowing, with swollen lymph nodes and a general unwell feeling and none of my doctors could explain it. Since going gluten free this is gone and I'm beginning to feel more like myself again! I'm totally amazed and didn't expect it to work, but hey, if it does, then I'm all for it!

  39. I just tell my Dr I am gf now and I'm not I did try and saw NO difference at all. The major difference I had was switching from Levo to NatureThroid. That's what got my numbers optimal and had me feeling fine.

    One thing for DAMN sure is we aren't cookie cutter patients so we don't need a cookie cutter fix-all.

  40. Didn't change

  41. Didn't see a change. I eat what I want now.

  42. much less stomach and sinus problems

  43. Whenever I eat it it takes about a week but I start getting very dizzy.

  44. Do you have other issues?

  45. I went gluten-free for a year-and-a-half. It actually made me feel worse.

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