Does anybody else take magnesium supplements?


Does anybody else take magnesium supplements?
I started taking them a few days ago as I get such crippling leg cramps, restless legs, muscle pain and anxiety, and I read magnesium is fantastic for all of these plus more.
My problem is, after taking them I feel so sick and feel totally out of sorts,
I might try a different time of the day, as I have been taking them first thing in the morning so far????

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  1. I used to. I only take it by drinking Pedialyte now because it has the other electrolytes we need in the proper balance.

  2. I take it only when the cramps begin, usually in the night. It does a great job too; don’t have to wait long for the cramps to abate.

  3. Could try a magnesium salt rub instead such as karma-rub

  4. I take magnesium twice a day with the rest of my meds. It definitely helps with leg cramps & pain. I was off of it for a couple months and really noticed my pain increase without it.

  5. I assume you checked to make sure the supplement was GF

  6. I use magnesium oil fantastic stuff

  7. I was taking the liquid magnesium. Great flavor too. Need to start taking again\n My anxiety has been real bad again and leg cramps.

  8. Zinc also helps with magnesium it is advised to take at nighttime.

  9. You can actually take too much magnesium. If you have real side effects, you may want to have your level checked. I take cal, mag, potassium, iron, Bs, and sometimes copper-all can be depleted by celiac. I do have my levels checked occasionally to make sure I’m not overdoing. I try to take magnesium at night because it can help/cause relaxation.

  10. I take magnesium glycinate pill, twice a day. My joint pain and cramps are much better! It doesn’t upset your stomach.

  11. Yes. I started magnesium supplements and noticed a huge improvement!

  12. Be careful, you can become mag toxic

  13. Take it at night! It can make you tired or sleepy.

  14. Are you taking them with food?

  15. Always check with your doctor before starting magnesium!!! Too much isn’t good for your system and also it can affect your heart…

  16. I take magnesium citrate every night before bed. Be sure you look at the ingredients – look for anything that could be “glutenized”. Also sometimes potassium helps with leg cramps too.

  17. I take it at night to prevent sciatic nerve flare ups.

  18. I make a salve for that. I can mail it to you if you would like. The reviews I have gotten are awesome. I’m a Certified Herbalist so I make it all natural and with magnesium. Rub it on every night at bedtime. Your legs will quit aching and the magnesium by passes the digestive tract so it won’t make you ill. I have reviews on my page Gluten on my mind (haven’t posted on there in forever but the salve and the reviews are on there) pm your address and I’ll get some out to you

  19. eat avocados and bananas they are loaded with potassium which is what also causes leg cramps if you don’t have enough of it.

  20. I take daily every morning with breakfast and don’t have any problems.

  21. Try SLO Mag.

  22. I’ve been taking magnesium malate daily. It helped with the leg cramps. I rarely get them if at all. Originally started using it to help with digestion.

  23. Take them before bed

  24. I take it twice a day. 400mg Now after reading all comments I’ll do so with food. But I’m still bloated for some reason

  25. Mag Glycinate and Malate are the most absorbable forms. I take mine at night because it can help you sleep better, decrease restless leg and night time leg cramps.

  26. I take it right before bed. I was told it could make you drowsy, so that’s why I started at night.

  27. Take a 1/2 tab morning & night

  28. I take that. Potassium. And two teaspoons in water of apple cider vinger

  29. I take mine with food and everything and still see no effects towards it. I take it for muscle cramps and just pain and I have seen no relief from it.

  30. Yup, I take 2 capsules in the morning at about 2 am and 1 about 1 pm. No more cramps.

  31. I have the same trouble. Going to try magnesium oil.

  32. Try a lower dose and building up

  33. I tack the magnesium/calcium powder an hour before bed. I was told by a person with an autoimmune disease that you should take these two together to avoid upsetting the stomach.

  34. I take Jameson magnesium nite! It has melatonin and works awesome! My 15 year old daughter also takes magnesium and it does wonders for her!

  35. I take 1 tablet every other day, any more than that and my intestines make me pay for it.\nAlso, potassium helps leg cramps, and bananas have lots of potassium.\nBananas also help with loose stools, so that will help keep the magnesium from making your intestines unhappy. \nI have 4-5 bananas a week. \nMy leg cramps are finally gone!

  36. I take mine at night along with Tumeric.

  37. How about magnesium flakes for the bath,I get mine from home bargins, and soak in the bath for 20 mins twice a week , I find them really good,I’m sure you could get them on line ,hope this helps xx

  38. Bed time! They are one of the things I take to help me sleep

  39. You should take them at night before bedtime

  40. Make sure your meds are GF also

  41. I take it for constipation from the ‘fibre free gluten free’ diet.

  42. I have a cleansing recipe on my vlog that works wonders for constipation if you’re interested.

  43. I try to eat one banana every day, which helps immensely with leg cramps. Also making sure I’m properly hydrated. And then my magical trick is 1 Tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar straight up when a cramp begins. 99% of the time it is GONE within a minute! This has been a lifesaver for me!! I also take a GF whole food supplement which has helped me with so many of my health issues.

  44. Could they contain gluten?

  45. see also if you potassium (K) is in balance with MG .. both with sodium have to be in range ,, I can not eat latex family .. banana kiwi or avacadoes , as well as nuts so I do drink Powerade zero a day to keep a good balance of things

  46. Can you tell me your brand? Also, it’s much better to take Mag before bed.

  47. Had same problem and now take Megafoods Brand of magnesium. It’s a whole food supplement nothing synthetic and have absolutely no problems with it .

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