Does anyone bathe in Pink Himalayan salt?


Hi all.. I’m new to the site.. Thank you for having me.
Quick first question.. Does anyone bathe in Pink Himalayan salt? X

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Answers ( No )

  1. We do himalayan or sea salt baths occasionally.

  2. I use them myself, but it says do not use on children. I wondered why. I want to try my daughter in them, alternating with clay and Epsom salts xx

  3. I bought one of those deer lick bricks from Walmart and have started putting it in my sons bath.

  4. Victoria – I use dead sea salts with James, fabulous for his eczema and psoriasis x

  5. Yes!!!I buy it in bulk and do it 2 times a month and about 8 time dead sea salts

  6. Yup. Sometimes once to twice a week. Cup and a half (of Himalayan salt) to a very large spa tub. Along with my Magnesium Sulfate, Borax and Baking Soda, and some lovely Lavender Essential Oil. Add some soothing music and soak the stress away!

  7. Ok I have to ask as it's been referred to again but what are these deer lick salt bricks and what are they used for with deers. I'm from sydney Australia and have no idea what you are talking about.

  8. Lucia Beasley If you can imagine a very large brick made out of salt, typically sold for placing in the yard for deer to lick.

  9. (we don't have deer in australia)

  10. Salt licks are also provided to farm animals like horses and cattle.

  11. Lucia Beasley you can get big blocks of himalayian salt blocks form a a stock feeders or produce store, they are used for horse or big animal licks

  12. Tried it the other night and it made a right mess!

  13. I would rather lick Himalayan salt bar than bath with it.

  14. I've been following this and I'm wondering if salt bricks (meant for animals) are clean enough to to scrape some off and put in water to drink?

  15. Karen Walker – yes, some do. Read the link I posted.

  16. MJ Hamp..oops sorry, I should have read it before posting. I'll read it now. But thanks anyway.

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