Does anyone constantly get colds?


Does anyone constantly get colds? I feel like I’m constantly going from one sickness to the next. I was wondering if having Hashimoto’s makes us more susceptible to colds and viruses?

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  1. I asked that when I was first diagnosed and was told no…but I left that dr shortly after as he wouldn’t tell me anything about it and just prescribed pills.\nFor years, probably 10 years easily, I would get sinus infections lasting 2+weeks every month…it was horrible. It doesn’t happen much now that I’ve moved but when I do get sick (every couple months) it hits me super hard.

  2. Maybe your vitamin d levels are low?

  3. With Hashimotos our gut health is compromised. So yes, we can be more susceptible to viruses. Also, due to our gut health issues, our bodies are not absorbing nutrients like they should. I highly recommend finding a Functional Medical Doctor. They can test you for food allergies/ sensitivities, test your stool, and guide you with a rotation diet to help heal your gut. When our gut is healthy, and we are eating healthier we should experience better health, and a stronger immune system.

  4. Probiotic items like Kefir and yogurt help the gut, as well as, prebiotics like sauerkraut and kimchi!! Help you can give your gut now!! Good luck! And, I too get sick very easily. Always have and that’s BS that they say it’s not related. Just my opinion and I see lots of others suffering as well. Diet is key to health, but I still get worn down, stressed easily and sick more frequently. Doesn’t help that I work around sick people in Radiology all day.

  5. Yea, all the time

  6. Trying to reduce the inflammation we face is a constant battle, but one I am up for the challenge to decrease!!

  7. I have a toddler in daycare so I know I get exposed to more stuff but so does my husband and he rarely gets sick. It’s frustrating. I saw a new Endo this past week but didn’t think to ask her this question. She did test my vitamin D so waiting on the results. And she’s going to let me try a new drug. I feel Synthroid helps but not enough. Took 4 doctors to find one that would let me try something other than Synthroid.

  8. I used to be sick all the time, but since making so many Hashi healing rec’d changes, I no longer have colds or seasonal allergies!!! 🙂 Yearly, major sinus infections at least 2x a year, colds/sickness, + horrible seasonal allergies that kept me confined inside at times of the year. Some major changes that helped: GLUTEN FREE (seriously…huge change,) gut healing, good vit d levels, and switching to natural desiccated thyroid.

  9. I used to suffer horribly year round from sinus infections….every cold led to a sinus infections. I’ve been gluten free for a year and have not been on antibiotics in a year also. Also started taking vitamin D and switched to tirosint from synthroid.

  10. Yes. Sick constantly.

  11. Yes….all the time!

  12. Bone Broth!!!

  13. I used to get sick constantly until I got my food sensitivity test results and eliminated my triggers. Now I cruise through cold and flu season. Have not had the flu since. And am now off ally allergy medications too. No more drowsiness!

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