Does anyone else get this exhausted? Or am I being lazy?


So this weekend was Father’s Day and I wanted to do something for my husband.

I decided to have a BBQ for him and my dad and my brother in law.
It was about 10-12 people.
I got up around 7 that morning to start cleaning and preparing the food.
I think around 10ish I need to sit and relax.
My body aches when I’m on my feet to long and I get very exhausted…
But I always try to push through because I don’t want to look lazy.
Started the grill (its about 85 degrees) and started… everyone came through around 3.
I think about 7…. I was done, and I still had laundry to do and 2 papers to write for school. I came inside and left everyone to go and lay down.
But I feel like my husband was annoyed that it was Father’s Day and he ended up having to clean up.
My thing is, I don’t think he understands how exhausted I get, does anyone else get this exhausted? Or am I being lazy?

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  1. Not lazy. My husband has been holding the couch down for the past year and a half till diagnosis. After 4 months on the gf diet, he can go out for a few minutes and some days he cant. Sometimes he gets exhausted just walking a few steps.

  2. Before my iron levels got to where they were normal, I was tired all the time

  3. I was taking vitamin d and the b12 complex but it’s just not working…. he really doesn’t understand and try but it does sound a little lazy….it’s like an outer body experience… I want to get up but my body is just holding me back….

  4. Not lazy still having issues sometimes I have so much energy other days not so much.

  5. I’m always exhausted. It’s getting worse. I hate it. I work two jobs and can barely get out of bed in the morning.

  6. I’m late everyone morning for work because I’m dragging so much…

  7. My body just feels so weak

  8. I can barely do anything with the kids on the weekends or anytime

  9. I get exhausted too, I work part time and I’m on my feet a lot. I am a Caregiver for a lady who had a stroke in her home. I do transferring, helping her walk with a walker, fixing her food for breakfast and lunch and getting her dressed, loading dishwasher, organizing/cleaning pantry, showering her some days, etc… I’m exhausted when I leave there and when I get home I am tired. I’m not lazy, I do have hand issues also.

  10. How do I approach this with my husband and my family… they know I was diagnosed… and when i do he is like “we are all tired” but he still care of everything I fall short on but I don’t want anyone secretly mad at me for feeling this way

  11. I understand the feeling, not lazy just not getting the nutrients. I hate that feeling.

  12. Fatigue is very real issue….honesty with your husband is crucial…. debilitating fatigue is one of my worst Celiac Disease symptoms….and brain fatigue too..

  13. Nope. I get exhausted but have learned to pace myself and not over do. Everyone else just has to deal with it because I am more disappointed by my limitations than they ever could be.

  14. I totally understand your situation just got diagnosis with celiac disease and it horrible. Your not being lazy or anything. It’s the disease. I also get brain fog. I was diagnosed in may. Never lazy. Love nance xoxoxo

  15. If you haven’t had your thyroid levels checked, I would ask your Doctor to request the lab work. Tiredness is also a symptom of hypothyroidism.

  16. There is no way I could clean my house AND prep the food AND entertain all on the same day. I have to start a week ahead on the cleaning and 1-2 days ahead on the food.

  17. Fatigue is part of the whole CD party lol

  18. How many of you that have issues with fatigue have had your thyroid levels checked?

  19. Lots of people get tired. But tired and chronic fatigue are not the same. The Mighty has a great video to depict the differences. Self care is so very important and the first step is to set your healthy limits and boundaries. Gentle hugs.

  20. I got more energy when I gave up gluten and dairy.

  21. Above is the link to the video I mentioned

  22. Symptoms and causes

    By Mayo Clinic Staff

    The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism vary, depending on the severity of the hormone deficiency. But in general, any problems you have tend to develop slowly, often over a number of years.

    At first, you may barely notice the symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as fatigue and weight gain, or you may simply attribute them to getting older. But as your metabolism continues to slow, you may develop more-obvious signs and symptoms. Hypothyroidism signs and symptom may include:

    Increased sensitivity to cold
    Dry skin
    Weight gain
    Puffy face
    Muscle weakness
    Elevated blood cholesterol level
    Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness
    Pain, stiffness or swelling in your joints
    Heavier than normal or irregular menstrual periods
    Thinning hair
    Slowed heart rate
    Impaired memory
    When hypothyroidism isn’t treated, signs and symptoms can gradually become more severe. Constant stimulation of your thyroid gland to release more hormones may lead to an enlarged thyroid (goiter). In addition, you may become more forgetful, your thought processes may slow, or you may feel depressed.

    Advanced hypothyroidism, known as myxedema, is rare, but when it occurs it can be life-threatening. Signs and symptoms include low blood pressure, decreased breathing, decreased body temperature, unresponsiveness and even coma. In extreme cases, myxedema can be fatal.

  23. I’m tired ALL the time! I work full-time and take a nap almost every day when I get home from work and am still ready for bed by 9!

  24. I have terrible exhaustion. I was also just recently diagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroidism and got on a natural thyroid supplement and am feeling a hundred times better!

  25. It takes time to get back to normal I had my first surgery april 2015 and I’m much better now but it took a while for my inflammation to get better my knees ankles hands sometimes I could bearly walk I still high inflammation numbers but I exercise when I have to stop because of surgery I get stiffness again exercise is very important I also take a lot of supplements

  26. Sounds like you didn’t get enough help (from someone other than your husband)

  27. Have a food allergy test done,it could be that

  28. And sounds like , you my lady are super woman , with super Powers

  29. I get very tired but I have pancreatitis and allergies that cause that to happen to me. I would go see the doctor to see if you need B12 or Iron as our bodies do not always absorb nutrients as well as everyone else.. so we need some liquid vitamins or shots from time to time.. I would check your D too. We need to be followed for vitamins and other things that can take the energy out of us… Call your doctor please… get some more tests done so you can enjoy your life… in the mean time.. B vitamins may help. May God Bless…

  30. Yes my dear, I do indeed get that exhausted.

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