Does anyone else have problems with quinoa?


I have a big question, I have a food encyclopedia that states that Quinoa has a small amount of gluten in it. I’ve also noticed that when I do eat quinoa, my symptoms occur.

Does anyone else have problems with quinoa?

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  1. I also have problems with it.

  2. From my research a true gluten free diet does not include quinoa unfortunately.

  3. Quinoa is gf, but like anything else (oats for example), it can get contaminated.

  4. Quinoa is Gluten free, but contains a protein that is similar to Gluten, and can activate the immune response in some people. So it depends on how sensitive you are.

  5. I also have problems with it but it may have something to do with the combination of the quinoa and the vegetables mixed with it.

  6. all grains and seed have some gluten,, but Quonoa is lower reacting kind and less problematic to a cd /ncgs

  7. Thanks everyone 🙂

  8. May I ask what you are all cooking with it/ adding to ?

  9. I’ve made quinoa salads with veggies, a bit of olive oil and vinegar, or I’ve added it to gf oatmeal along with some fruits and brown sugar. All other ingredients I’ve added with the quinoa have never caused any problems.

  10. What about arborio rice? I know it’s a rice, but my husband’s stomach bothers him a day after we make risotto. I’m wondering if it’s onion or garlic though.

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