Does anyone else have problems with soda?


I have a question. I have been celiac for 2+ years now and never cheat tho I have been glutened due to cross contamination. My question is does anyone else have problems with soda?? Dark colored, grape, orange, my. Dew any soda color or flavors really. I get horrible glutened like reactions to them all (belly ache, diarrhea,headaches, and horrible indigestion). I was thinking it was just dark colored ones but sadly no, it’s all of them. What the heck does my body hate in them. Caffeine doesn’t seem to change my reactions either and I don’t drink diet…so I just do know what the problem is. Is it related to celiac or something completely different? Thoughts??

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  1. Due to the damage of eating gluten for years (I have only been diagnosed for 3 months now) it has destroyed what enzymes I had to break down sugar and dairy. I get bad reactions when eating either so have been told to completely cut both from my diet. I can have diet soft drinks. It’s hard to get use to (I always hated those) but it’s worth the change.

  2. Maybe I’ll try those once and awhile. I don’t drink soda often but sometimes I crave one and regret it almost right away. So I have been trying different ones here and there without success

  3. I used to drink soda all the time and had no problems. Now that I don’t anymore I get a bad stomach ache when I do. The chemicals and the caffeine will give you those sx too

  4. I have trouble with the carbonation. Makes me gurgly and burly. But I don’t know if that’s celiac.

  5. In your next endoscopys ask to get your lactase,Maltese and sucrose levels tested

  6. The fructose corn syrup makes me really sick

  7. I agree with Christine Roork my son also had fructose malabsorbtion issues

  8. I can only drink gingerale since I stopped gluten. I figure it’s not a bad thing to need to drop from my diet…but I hear you on those cravings.

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