Does anyone else have really awful self control?


Does anyone else have really awful self control? I know what this disease does and can lead to, but I keep cheating. Like I can’t stop myself almost. Does anyone or has anyone been like this?

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  1. Cheating with gluten is just out of the question for me. I’m kind of sad that there are so so many GF treats…cause I get that “lose control” kinda of feeling, and, within minutes I’ve consumed too much candy or too many treats.there are so so many GF treats…cause I get that \

  2. I have had this issue for years. I spent the last year on minimal gluten diet. I just kept trying to stay on track.

    Good news is that I’ve been gluten-free for the past month (not counting any accidental glutening because I didn’t know about the Cheerios issue lol). I’ve lost 6 pounds in the past month from not cheating on my diet.

    You have to find the will power on your own. You can’t have people guilting you, getting on you about your diet, etc.. It has to be of your own free will. I think when my husband or anyone has mentioned it in the past, it just made me mad and want to cheat more on my diet. I had to decide for myself when I was ready.

  3. Not yet! I just got diagnosed less than a week ago so I’ve been pretty strict with myself so far, and love the results. But I’ve definitely been craving a sour cream donut from Krispy Kreme and I know I’m gonna cheat on thanksgiving cause my momma makes a bomb asf green bean casserole and I ain’t missing out on that.

  4. According to me, I can do whatever I want. I have no self control regarding food at all.

  5. I’m just proud of the fact that I can stick to the diet for the sake of my body, when I struggle with other areas of my life that I feel I should be strong but let myself down. It’s called being human. And that means that we can do it if we change our minds to. The battle we face is in the mind, and that’s where we win it. Be strong and have courage, you’re not alone.

  6. The other day I went on a sugar binge, we ran out of most GF food and I was missing treats. Made a big batch of fudge and scoffed it in a day. Then next day chewed my way through a heap of chocolate chips. Hubby took me to get groceries and now back on track. Phew!

  7. I’m silent celiac, I have a hard time not cheating.

  8. No I really don’t know what you are talking about. Increasing my risk of cancer or malnourishment doesn’t sound fun.

  9. I suffered for way 2 many years its not worth it i am looking forward to my body healing so i can feel normal

  10. Ok.. first, I thought I meant cheating on yur partner… seriously…

    Now, I think you are talking about food. ?

    It’s something u just got to get in yur head ” I have to do this, because medically a Dr. has told me I have to, to live a longer life, and better life. ”
    Mother has a huge problem saying no to Gluten and Dairy.. she prob will always cave,no self control… they say sugar is more addictive than drugs… I believe it 100%!! Maybe we can help u stay accountable?!??? Just text us!!! We r here to support each other.

  11. I haven’t cheated since was told. But yesterday I nearly did. I really was going to open that packet of chips. Lol but I ended up giving it to my hubby. X

  12. What if you knew it would increase your risk of cancer? MS? Joint Problems? and what if it was When, not If ? Would you still want to sabotage yourself, your future self? Love yourself.

  13. After totally eliminating gluten (I was very ill) for a few years – two things happened. I no longer crave it or sugar. Second my vision healed from 20/400 to 20/20. I had worn glasses/contacts since I was 6 yrs old.

  14. I am very grateful that I don’t have any issues with self control regarding gluten. Now put cotton candy in front of me And self control goes out the window!!!

  15. Not me. Never want to camp in the toilet again……

  16. No way it makes me really ill for weeks

  17. Never cheated once, the damage and the effects are just not worth it

  18. Not after i figured out the source of my lifelong rashes. The tipping point!

  19. you most likely are not getting the nutrients that you could get from the foods you are craving so badly, from another source. Try taking a look at what you are craving and find another source for it. Eat that food until your body tells you to stop and see if you find yourself still craving that food.

  20. I never cheat because I know how awful I will be sick after it.I’d rather feel well and give up some things

  21. I’m to afraid of the consequences of being sick for days!

  22. Once you finally get all the gluten out and your belly starts to heal. The cheating is way worse than in the beginning. It isn’t worth the risk of being sick anymore…. take care of your body

  23. I do at least once a week. I don’t get any symptoms. It’s so hard but my family loves to eat at diners a lot and there is nothing you can eat there. I have to have my veal parm. I find my self staying home most of the time when they go now.

  24. If I’m in that mode, I eat whatever is not gluten. Sugar, carbs, soda, other things that I’m allergic to–it’s all good–but not gluten. Self control has a limit.

  25. I struggled a little at first mainly due to mistakes, but I realized how much better I felt and started dreading feeling like crap. Same thing with dairy when I finally gave it up. Now I’m still struggling with dairy bc it’s a recent change but I don’t actually want it. It’s more that I’m struggling with finding good replacements.

  26. I have been tempted and the few times I got careless, I got so doggoned sick, so that put an end to me being tempted. The other day I caught a whiff of fast food and I was hungry. Ugh its so hard. Hugs to you.

  27. Hey! I am reading lots of the other replies. I think you are not alone.

    One other thing to realize is that wheat has compounds that have been shown to cause withdrawal type reactions. I am no expert on this so you may want to goggle it. But it could possibly be the actual “physical dependent need” that is driving us to want to eat these things. Maybe that will help you.

  28. Yes, & I need solutions. People who have mastered self control.

  29. Yes me ☹️
    When I’m starving I don’t know ?‍♀️ what to eat so I skip but then I regretted

  30. I don’t. I mean yeah there are days I almost cheat but I remind myself of how I feel if I do eat gluten. Trust me, is rather have awful food that you only taste until your done instead of feeling terrible for days on end.

  31. Problem here is no support from other half and the cost is so expensive ☹️. Trying to do the best I can but will power isn’t my best quality either☹️. Wish I had a cook to just make it and that’s all that was available !

  32. Push through the cravings…they will continue for awhile

  33. Oh, lord, so hard but I’m staying away from caffeine, chocolate, milk and anything else that starts me cramping. But yesterday I was starving and ate more food including yogurt with applesauce. No issues for the rest of the day. Well, that was yesterday!

  34. No. Hurts too much. Don’t do it

  35. How can you do that, I would be on the toilet way more than normal. Which is way to much.

  36. guilty today

  37. I only thought of cheating in the beginning but never did cause I was so sick for so long just getting everything right. Thst was 10 years ago.

  38. No, I don’t cheat. I already have chronic fatigue and adding gluten makes it so much more profound! I have a sweet tooth and gluten free treats are great, thanks to sugar. I used to go to the bakery section of my grocery store to torture myself! Lol!

  39. I guess I have so much pain when you get into it that it is worth the pain. So hope you don’t see this happen to you when you are older.

  40. I’m doing pretty well. But also gettin a rash when I eat gluten helps me not. Budweiser Picante chelada’s have been my only downfall. I’ve had 2 in the last 3 weeks. Going to pick up some gluten free beer and make my own

  41. I bake a lot using Pamelas mix and can lose my self control and eat three to five servings sometimes! I am trying to learn self control!

  42. Well, I’m 54 and didn’t know that this was a problem. Until I just began having balance problems. Look up gluten ataxia. Still no official diagnosis. I began following the diet and improved. However lately I have had horrendous balance and dizziness. I cheated twice. I think I learned my lesson. I hope that I don’t have this forever.

  43. Not really! I grew up eating rice and I’m not a big sweet tooth so I didn’t have much of a problem going GF. I just got diagnosed a week ago but because I pretty much don’t eat wheat (not a pizza or pasta fan), I basically just had to adapt to eating GF bread.

  44. Funny thing about us humans, when we know we’re not supposed to do something or can’t have something, we’d die for it. However, I don’t want the symptoms that go along with gluten!

  45. Major problem for me. I’m too much picky eater now with this CD most GF foods taste not so great to me and have too much sugar

  46. I cheat. I don’t get sick from it so I feel it’s harder for me not to cheat. I figure one day I may regret it but I’m also living life so whatev. I had to eat sugar free things all growing up thanks to Diabetes and now to take away bread and things I love!! It’s a lot lol.

  47. I get way too sick to cheat. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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