Does anyone else have the rotten egg burps?


Gross question time. Does anyone else have the rotten egg burps? Or am i the lucky one?


Valerie Revis:
I used to get them too. They’d make me throw up. I rarely get them anymore and if I notice them coming on I sip on a glass of baking soda water and it makes it stop within the hour without vomiting.

I second the H pylori statement as far as a usual cause. Try making probiotics from home in the form of milk or water kefir (you can find sharing groups on fb who will mail you grains for just the cost of shipping) and the bacteria in the kefir you make will rebalance your gut flora and likely end the burps.

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  1. Get checked for fructose malabsorption. It’s a hydrogen test.

  2. I used to. Diagnosed helobactor plyori. Bad bacteria in gut. Go to drs and I had coeliac too

  3. When I get glutened bad

  4. Used to before getting diagnosed and going GF

  5. I had them before i stopped eating gluten, they were so bad they made me throw up non stop

  6. I used to but never knew why. Not anymore though.

  7. God I hate those!!!! Green tea is the only thing I’ve ever found that stops them

  8. I used to get them so bad I’d vomit and then then other end would start and i would be at the mercy of the toilet all day. I’ve been hospitalized for it getting too bad and it was a large shot of benadryl, promethazine and antacids. I did that for almost 10yrs til I found out it was gluten. Gluten intolerance causes inflammation and in bad cases like mine, septic occurs.

  9. Eggs make me burp and leaves yeky tease in my mouth thay sent it up on my tray but I don’t eat them Tuesdays and Thursdays I get my GF French Toast

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