Does anyone else have to take Prilosec?


Does anyone have to take Prilosec? My doctor put me on it to help with the aced in my stomach, because I was throwing up blood, I took them for two weeks and then stopped taking them because I didn’t think I needed them because I stopped eating gluten, last night I was up most of the night throwing up (acid) so I started taking the pill again. My question is…. does anyone else have to take Prilosec and if so is it something I might have to take for years? My doctor didn’t tell me how long he just gave me a years worth.

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  1. I take it. Have been for 4 months

  2. I did for 9 months for gastritis. 2 weeks after finishing the prescription Prilosec it started back up and I am taking it again

  3. I take it and have been for years. 40mg..

  4. My daughter takes prescription does of Prevacid (twice the over the counter dose)
    She’s been taking it several
    Every time she goes off for a few days to a week
    Her symptoms get worse
    Burning pain, stomach ache etc

  5. Since i stopped coffee or any cafiene, i dont need it

  6. Yes have been for 2 years

  7. Throwing up blood is pretty concerning… Have you seen G.I. or just your primary care doctor? To treat an ulcer I believe it is eight weeks. You can try to take it for eight weeks and then stop and then if it is not better take it again. There is some new concern about taking PPIs long term so I would be very cautious about just taking it daily. Also make sure to be taking a vitamin that has B12 magnesium and phosphorus as you can become deficient on a PPI. Good luck!

  8. I have taken it for years. When I went GF I found myself forgetting to take/not needing as much. I have reflux and hiatal hernia (plus a dozen other autoimmune conditions).

  9. I used to take this, but NIW I’m on protonix. If you take it for a while then stop, you can have acid overload. Don’t know the science behind it but I learned to just take it everyday. Don’t like pills and was very resistant at first.

  10. Annette L. Green – I was prescribed omeprasole – found out is available OTC – I take the smallest dose possible and even then I split the pill in 1/2.

  11. I’ve taken it off and on for at least ten years. For at least six years straight this time. I can’t stop taking it because I get sick without it.

  12. Please find a naturopath. Prilosec is dangerous.

  13. I take omeprezole for6 or more years.i tried several times to stop taking it but I have reflux bad. I wish there was something else I could take.

  14. I am still taking mine. I cut dose in half and doing fine. May stop it in a few weeks. 11 weeks gluten free

  15. My husband takes it everyday… and has for years….prescribed by a doctor

  16. I do not but my partner did for some time. I took him under my wing and here’s what we did. First cut way down on acidic food and drinks. Reduce serving size, eat small meals . After dinner do not lay down for at least 3 to 4 hours. This gives the food time to digest. It got better. Not overnight but he has not taken Prilosec for about 4 years. Good luck.

  17. Yes! Along with Celiacs i also have Barretts Esophagus. Take them!

  18. There is usually a cause behind the need for prilosec. Also, have you been checked for hiatal hernia or narrow esophogus? Other food sensitivities? Some people get side effects from meds and have a hard time staying on long term, it effects your health.

  19. Unfortunately I have been on it for a LONG time. When I had my first endoscopy my GI doc said it was the worst reflux case he had seen in a long time. He actually wanted me to take it twice a day but I take it before bed. I realize the long-term side effects but I have no choice since I, too was starting with Barretts esophagus. I did try to wean off of them but had no luck.

  20. 1. Please take medical advice from your doctor and not us! That said, 2. I get acid reflex pretty badly sometimes, and take the OTC stuff long enough to tamp it down and then stop. Then repeat in a year or so when it happens again. Never had blood, but one time became unable to drink water even since I rejected it all. This was all after I went GF, the reflux seems entirely unrelated to gluten consumption in my case

  21. I use to take it and I couldn’t handle the headaches it gave me. I had to stop

  22. I Take Papaya Enzymes Chewable Awesome Best, Get Good Ones, No Gluten

  23. Look into other food intolerances. Throwing up blood doesn’t sound good though, so make sure you follow a doctors advice until that part is healed. Maybe find a good naturopath that can help you though. Long term PPI use isn’t great, and can cause rebound acid, and magnesium deficiency, and increase your risk for pneumonia and c diff. I guess everything has it’s pros and cons though.
    I have struggled with issues though, and find that not eating gluten free breads, simple carbs, processed food, sugar, dairy (gluten of course), lowering fat and smaller meals helps. Good luck.

  24. Just push through going off it. Its just ur stomach over producing since the pills were blocking acid production…it will pass…

  25. I do, also I raised the head of my bed by about 8 inches and it helps a lot. I started taking proton pump inhibitors at the age of 14. I have used natural methods to stay off of them for as long as I can but always end of having to take them for at least a couple of months every year.

  26. Listen to your physician, but stay on top of it. After taking proton pump inhibitors for over 12 years, they stopped working well. I think taking them for so long inhibited the symptoms of celiac, which was not diagnosed until I was in my late 50’s. However, I do know that proton pump inhibitors will have a rebound effect if you stop taking them abruptly.

  27. I take 1 every day. If I don’t, I can feel the burning. Keep an eye on your calcium, because it can deplete calcium levels. I take a calcium supplement too.

  28. I take prescription nexium you may want to get your gallbladder function tested I had horrible acid, bloating, pain and had my gallbladder removed in November as it was only working at 19% supposed to be 35% or higher.

  29. P.s. no more acid or pain or bloating!

  30. I take Nexium in the morning and Zantac in the evening have been on reflux meds for 8 years.

  31. I take nexium

  32. I have to take it every day of my life. I would rather take a pill every day than risk esophageal cancer. I’ve taken care of patients who have had to have the surgery for esophageal cancer, and it is BRUTAL.

  33. Prilosec over long term use can cause colon cancer. Few years back there was a study that got a lot of attention. Made the news cycle even my husband read it and asked me to help him get off of it.

    We followed Dr axe protocol and we healed his gut. He no longer takes that pill. It’s been a few years now. He stays away from grains and processed foods and high sugar foods now.

  34. I take 40mg Protonix. Prilosec did nothing for me.

  35. Years of acid erosion on your esophagus can cause esophageal cancer, in my opinion, if you are not taking anything to control the acid, at least be scoped and checked for Barrett’s Esophagus

  36. I’ve been on Dexilant and the occasional over the counter Nexium. I had been off of stomach med’s for a couple of years but had to go back on them.

  37. Yes it’s something you can absolutely take indefinitely

  38. My 10 year old has celiac and just started Prilosec.

  39. Took myself off acid reflux meds after being on them for 15 yrs ! I have celiac also went on dairy free grain free diet taking DGL licorice chewable 20 minutes before each meal ! Know more acid reflux

  40. I was diagnosed with CD in November and with my scope I also had ulcers. Started at 20mg then he doubled the dosage to 40mg in January. I’m still having issues so two days ago he doubled it again to 80mg. Plus I get to have another endoscope, a Hida (sp) test for gallbladder plus CT scan to see what’s going on, not happy

  41. I recently weaned myself off Prilosec due to side effects.

  42. I can’t live without it. Everything has side effects. Aspiration of stomach acid isn’t good

  43. I have been on an acid blocker now for more than 10 years. Beware!! These drugs make it impossible for your gut to absorb many vital nutrients. If you can, get your bloodwork done regularly. I could have died due to organ failure about 8 years ago. My Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D Vitamin B12

  44. On Prilosec too and helps alot

  45. Sorry accidentally sent. My mineral and vitamin levels were so low I nearly died. As an example, the Iron level should be between 50 and 100 ppm. Mine was at 7. The medical Drs were shocked.

  46. I was able to discontinue my omeprezole rx after going GF. Haven’t had any trips to the hospital or doctor because of it since going GF. A couple times a year when I have drainage from allergies I take a drinkable antacid for immediate relief.

  47. You need to take it to give your body time to heal

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