Does anyone experience any memory loss?


Does anyone experience any memory loss? I am starting to get upset about it..I am 25..I fee like i have alzheimer’s or something. Just dignosed back in June with Hashimotos. Doctor caught it early and my levels are too low to start medication. My Thyroglobulin antibodies were 12.5 at diagnoses.

I have been gluten free for almost a month and doing acupunture twice a month.

I guess I am just looking to make sure I am not alone..

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  1. Your not it sucks I have terrible brain fog too

  2. Not alone at all. My memory is horrible

  3. not alone at all, I was diagnosed a couple weeks ago. My mind and memory used to be so sharp and as of late I have been forgetting the silliest things. Its frustrating because I almost feel like its hurting my performance at work

  4. I use to have an amazing memory. Now remembering the day of the week is difficult sometimes. You arent alone.

  5. My memory isn't what it used to be. I use the calendar on my phone a lot and post it notes are everywhere. lol

  6. Wait what was the question again lol yes everyday

  7. Have you given up gluten? Research shows that people with autoimmune diseases who consume gluten do struggle more with brain fog! I must admit mine was awful until I started meds and cut out gluten I now feel like my old self.

  8. Yesssss

  9. Yes so I started to eat less carbs and it helped

  10. I am 36 and I feel like I cannot learn new things like I used to. Just can't retain the information and just feel dumb… glad I got my bachelors degree before this lol

  11. You guys need to look into tick bourne illnesses

  12. Yessss. So frustrating

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