Does anyone have bladder issues?


Does anyone have bladder issues? I also been diagnosed with interstitial cystitus. Unfortunately I have a lot of unexplained symptoms. Dr wants me to also c a rheumatologist .

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  1. I have IC are you seeing a urologist?

  2. What kind of problems do u have?

  3. I do also. See urologist and avoid spicy foods.

  4. Well I had hyperparathyroidism and had the surgery to remove the bad para gland, I felt so much better for about 2 weeks but now I'm feeling bad again but the symptoms r not as bad before surgery. My thyroid was cut into to remove the parathyroid gland. Dr thinks the symptoms I'm having is due to my thyroid. Its very swollen, surgeon said I have thyroiditis. Anyway I feel very weak, depressed, anxiety, bad night sweats, cold, hot, upset stomach. O don't know if I'm hypo or hyper right now but I'm pretty sure its hypo. As far as the bladder problems, I have had bladder infection symptoms for many years, burning but not much, lower abdominal and back pain, sex throws me into a flare but 99% of the time no infection. I just think its all connected some how.

  5. Yes I do believe me. No tomatoes, spicy, citrus, caffeine, chocolate and sex if I can avoid it, married for 36 yrs.

  6. The only thing that helps when I'm flaring is AZO but I try not to take it too often

  7. I have been dealing with IC since I was 19..I am now 40 and just diagnosed with Hashimotos.. If you have any questions with ICI could possibly answer them I am just learning about Hashimoto's

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