Does anyone have Chronic Idopathic Urticaria?


Did/Does anyone have Chronic Idopathic Urticaria (hives lasting over 6 weeks with no known cause)? If so, did you notice your hives decrease once your levels were in normal range? These all over body hives are bumming me out.

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  1. Mine lasted for 6 months

  2. Yup, mine appear every few years and last for months at a time. Still haven't pinpointed an exact cause or why they suddenly disappear. Also, taking a dose of Zyrtec and Zantac together is the only thing that works for them.

  3. mine have been every day- all day for over 3 years . when I was a gluten free Vegan, after eliminating gluten , then dairy , then eliminating legumes ad fermented foods, then nuts and seeds, etc, then full aip with reintroducing meat etc . I'm on t4 now and I still have hives even tho I'm on multiple antihistamines. I say this not to be a downer, I am confident one day I'll figure out what causes them, but just to put out that it may take some time for the hives to go away even if labs are in range .

  4. People without Hashi's also get hives.

  5. My levels are within normal limits now but reverse t3 is also high, still having hives.

  6. Yes now 7 don't get them since it's under control

  7. Just started a month or so ago

  8. Yes! Get your thyroid checked. And also don't take prednisone it works but I gained 20 pounds from it. Take over the counter allergy medication.

  9. Have you ruled out bed bugs?

  10. Have had them (6 months) and nothing appeared connected to my numbers. Many doctors tried- no specific cause could be found. Those pesky hives stopped as drastically as they started.

  11. Disseminated lyme rash?

  12. R u eating dairy ot

  13. Reduce gluten and dairy. Take Claritin and Allegra as needed.

  14. I have been dealing with this and have similar pictures and I get them on and under my eyes! I reduced- trying to cut out entirely my gluten and I have been much better- I didn't want to believe it but it has helped.

  15. Years ago I had hives for 6 months, before being diagnosed with Hashi. No rhyme or reason. I did take Allegra in the am and Zyrtec in the pm. I also used a lotion called Serena. You can get the generic at cvs

  16. I'm in remission currently, I had to cut out everything causing it, littering went down to just chicken, beef, and only a few Veges, did that for 6 months then added foods back in little by little, it was the only thing that worked after suffering for 20 years and 3 years when I was a baby

  17. I've had them three times and each time lasted six months twice and then shorter. The only thing that kept them at bay was high doses of H1 and H2 antihistamines taken together. The third time a different doctor tested me for H. Pylori because she had heard they can cause hives. I tested positive and went on antibiotics and the hives cured up much quicker. I wish you the best.

  18. I had them right before my hashimoto diagnosis. My Dr said it was an autoimmune attachment. The AIP diet cured it. For me.

  19. My allergist said it's mimicking an allergic reaction in the body as the antibodies are trying to find new areas to attack…..he had me do a a lab the anti-IgE and those levels were elevated and that's what he said it means…..anyone have experience with this. I would love to know what's next I just went through a ton of labs at the rheumatologist Lupus everything was negative

  20. Yes and through allergist1- 2 Zantac morning and night.
    It can be prescribed by the doctor. In doctors strength. And then covered by insurance plans.It is an anti inflammatory.
    Hives would not go away but the redness swelling and itch would be bearable. The hives came on after a surgery. I was not yet diagnosed with hasimotos. I think had I known more about the aip diet. I would not of needed so much medication.
    If you research zantac with urticaria there is a lot of information.
    More than what the dr seemed to give me other than take this and why to take this.
    I am so sorry for what you are enduring.

  21. I had them for a year and the only thing that kept them contained was taking zyrtec before bed every night. My thyroid dr increased my medicine and they went away. I still think I was allergic to the blue coloring in the pills I was on. I read that can happen. Good luck I hope they go away soon for u

  22. I struggled with hives on and off for years! It is miserable, and I've tried about everything known to man to help them. Recently my doctor prescribed Ranitidine (Zantac), and it has helped tremendously! I can take it at the first sign, and they will just disappear. I just get it over the counter now, and it helps just as well as the prescription strength. I suffered greatly with hives, sometimes covered from head to toe. I don't know if it would help everyone the way it has me, but I'm very grateful for it!

  23. I had hives till I started taking 4 air tech a day (as Rx)

  24. So sorry. No, but I have a chronic abdominal itch…so I think the next protein I will be sensitive to is roaring it's ugly head.

  25. Yes, mine come and go.

  26. I have what I suspect is urticaria that lasts for a while on my face and then disappears. Not quite the chronic version like yours. Mine tends to last about a week, and then goes away… and thank goodness, I haven't had a bad flare like that in months! I hate it! But… I also have Sjogren's and that (urticaria) is a common symptom of that autoimmune syndrome. Do you know if you have Sjogren's as well?

  27. Yes and yes. Back when I was in college and first diagnosed I would get hives where my skin was exposed to the cold. I was living in Illinois and was in college marching band and I was miserable. I did find that Benadryl spray was a lifesaver

  28. I had a couple episodes of hives before I was diagnosed. My aunt who also has Hashimoto's had hives but she finally figured out it was a chlorine reaction to pool water (she does triathlons).

  29. I had this condition from a bronchial cough

  30. Yes, hives daily since January of 2016. Its awful all that itching, scratching, welts and wheals popping up all over. Allergy testing (and now treatment) resulted in no hive relief. Endo suspected CAU, and it sure seems to be that. I take a half-Zyrtec daily to keep them at bay. I can usually manage every other day and still no itching or welts., but never past day 3 for me. Allegra, Zyrtec, Zyzal (sp?) should help and not make you drowsy. I 'd recommend allergy testing in case its something not AI related. Hang in there… the right meds will help you feel better

  31. My hives were actually a gluten intolerance

  32. I don't have hives, but my lip, cheek and tongue swell

  33. Had for years before I was diagnosed. My whole body would break out from the cold (60 degrees was my trigger point). It all stopped when I started taking synthroid. I currently take a compounded med, and still no hives.

  34. Oh honey. I had that for about six months. They ended up putting me on cyclosporine modified and it helped knock them out. Good luck

  35. Mine come and go and are random, but dont last more than a few hours if that, as long as I treat the itchiness right away.

  36. Yes, on prescription Reactine 2x day.

  37. oh yes! for almost a yr. ended up on prednisone. If I took ibuprophen when I had hives I would go into anaphyactic shock. Now I am on hydroxyzine everyday. Haven't had hives in about 4 yrs. Completely gone. Hydroxyzine saved me. Look in to Mast Cell Activation Disorder. Good luck.

  38. I had that for years when my Hashimotos was out of control and destroying my thyroid. No matter what we tried with medications.

  39. Yes. Really bad.. gluten free hives.

  40. I get them often but many times full blown allergic reaction symptoms. Since this dx have been dx with brain tumor and NETs. In my case I believe NETs to be main trigger for my hived etc. I keep epi pen and hydroxyzine with me every where I go. Since still no 100% on reasons.

  41. I had them even when my levels were in the normal range.

  42. You need to watch the Documentary called Fat Sick and nearly Dead the guy in this film had it and cured himself. Great Doco hope it get better for you it looks so painful

  43. I get spots on my chest, belly , and back I have been seen for it both times the docs said it's a rash you only get once in your life and and argued that each one was wrong
    Well this is the 3rd time I have got it
    I do every 2 years and I'm still clueless but it always comes in the spring

  44. I have Ciu. I don't know any triggers but suspect dust mites and pollen. I take 6 allergy pills a day and allergy shot and have them mostly under control. Get breakthrough every once in awhile.

  45. I have had CIU for over 12 years now. It started then just when I exercised but over the years it progressed to being out in the sun to doing housework, to cooking over a hot stove and in some cases, stress. Through research I dx myself then went to an Allergist who told me it was probably not due to food allergies, which it wasn't so he then ran a full thyroid blood panel and was dx with Hashimotos. I have found being on medication has greatly improved it (with a daily Allegra) and when I stop the thyroid medicine, I can immediately feel it. So I def feel it's related even though my Endocrinologist has disagreed.
    For myself, living with CIU is far worse then having Hashi's but with anything it helps to stay thankful and take only one day at a time.
    I hope you find great relief!

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