Does anyone have diverticulitis with gluten issues?


Wanting to ask a question. Not for me, but for a friend. My friend hasn’t been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance nor celiac disease at this stage, but I’ve got my suspicions with him. He’s got diverticulitis and I’ve noticed since I’ve known him to always have a swollen stomach with bloating and cramping and body aches, and flatulence and not regular bad bowels.

I suggested you him to try a gluten free diet for awhile and his symptoms he usually has subsided. He started eating gluten again last Saturday and he mentioned he felt flued up with body aches, then his tummy got swollen again more and more daily, and now he’s having a hard time going to the toilet and when he does its wet again.

He’s said the middle of his abdomen hurts currently and he’s uncomfortable and thinks his diverticulitis is coming back… What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? Does anyone here have diverticulitis with gluten issues and any stories on what you experienced prior to being diagnosed then after diagnosis? Thanks

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  1. Have him get the blood test to start.

  2. If he feels better eating no gluten go with that. I am 64 and struggled like you described. So hard to get a dr to agree. Good luck.

  3. My dad had no less than 5 bouts of diverticulitis as well as pancreatitis. Always bloated, never felt good, depressed, anxiety etc. Later Cancer at 64. Im absolutely sure my dad was undiagnosed Celiac. I even have his medical records. He definitely needs to be tested. I have suspected I have had it for years and finally got a dx at 45 cause my health is failing. I had 2 bouts of colitis when I was younger. Told it was IBS but it wasn’t.

  4. I have gluten intolerance due to Lyme disease and have experienced similar symptoms. Going gluten and casein/dairy free will help him. The herb Cat’s Claw has helped me tremendously (and I have read it helps diverticulitis as well). A good probiotic and digestive enzymes are important also….

  5. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis before celiac, during that time, my doctors all recommended a resection of my intestines. I knew in my gut, ha no pun intended, that it wasn’t the entire story and went out of the UCLA system to a private practice doc that actually believed me. Numerous tests later and I’ve been gluten free for 10 months and I haven’t had a diverticulitis attack since. Good luck to your friend and I hope he sees a doc.

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