Does anyone have everyday headaches?


Sorry for a second post in less than an hour, but does anyone have everyday headaches? Literally every single day? What do you do about them? My blood tests came back normal for a handful of things he tested me for. I don’t believe he tested me for all vitamins but he did test me for a few. Do you all take medication daily or should a vitamin supplement help? Should I see a different, special doctor for my headaches? Lost right now on what to do and tired of my constant headaches. It never goes away and is with me almost 24/7.

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  1. I have had constant headaches for the last 10 years. Some days are better than others, but it never seems to go away. Not sure exactly why I have them…stress, Celiac, diet, etc. I really have no idea. Sorry you’re struggling.

  2. Ditto. Every day.

  3. I had headaches from low iron.

  4. When I had a headache for 2 months straight, the dr gave me a specific drug regime to break the cycle. That worked for me. Did he do anything like that yet?

  5. I got horrible migraines from low B12. My vitamin D and magnesium get low tol

  6. Malnutrtion maybe? Absorption problem

  7. Get into a good neurologist.
    Perhaps there is a headache clinic in your region.
    I have migraines , and so much can be done to help you.

  8. Talk to a neuro for headaches, and go see a nutritionist if you’re worried it’s due to malnutrition/vitamin levels.

  9. I had them regularly and then learned that the inflammation was being triggered by the high glycemic index in many remade GF options. I cleaned up my diet to a more alkaline one and rarely need the headache medicine now.

  10. My daughter for the last 14 months…..daily! Diagnosed 2 months ago with cd…..still waiting and hoping for the headaches to go away…..!

  11. ??yes!! Very similar to my daughter’s story, too!!

  12. Not sure if he did a thyroid panel for you? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s because of the daily migraines I was having. From what I’ve been reading, there is definitely a link between the thyroid and celiac. Praying they find out what’s causing them for you soon and you get some relief!

  13. See a neurosurgeon for the headaches

  14. My son is newly diagnosed and has been getting headaches and complaining of dizziness. He has to go for three iron infusions

  15. Have you been sick recently like with a cold? I was in Oct 2017 and I started to get daily headaches for last 2 months. Some days are unbearable and I have 4 kids! Saw a neurologist and he told me based on info I gave him that it was new onset headaches.. mimics migraines and caused by a virus (like from a cold) it goes away eventually but can take months. Just thought to put it out there in case it applies to you. I’m hesitant to take the meds he prescribed Bc of the side effects, but that’s me. Not sure what anyone else thinks about topomax, imitrex, midrin.

  16. Are you getting enough water?

  17. I have frequent headaches. They are not migraine headaches and they’re not every day but they are frequent. I take Excedrin. Are usually take one tablet and that takes care of it.

  18. I have them pretty much every day. Neurologist has me on 2 different medications

  19. Imitrex is a godsend.

  20. Not everything is gluten related. See a neurologist and get that head scanned.

  21. I would certainly see a neurologist just to make sure your not missing anything, however I had a headache quite frequently as well. But once I was able to stick to a strict gluten free diet (was difficult for me to do) I definitely noticed the headaches subsided.

  22. Get your sinuses checked. Mine was blocked and had it opened with a balloon in the office. Much better now.

  23. Did the doctor check your horomones? Eat very clean and balanced between carbs, protein, fats, and veggies. Try keeping everything home cooked (no preprepared items) and see if that helps. Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

  24. I found the best way to drink water is to sip all day from a large travel mug or bottle, while working so my mind is on something else. I get belly ache if I have to drink a whole glass at once.

  25. If you can see a chiropractor.

  26. I had that problem and my dr put me on bioidentical progesterone cream. Worked almost immediately. Not one headache since. If you are premenopausal or recently gave birth you may want to look into hormone imbalance.

  27. I did before going gluten free. They were constant. I now eat a paleo-ish style diet and rarely have them. Generally they are food intolerance, mold exposure or infection, or hormone imbalance related. They can also be because of low levels of some nutrients – magnesium is a major one. Lastly blood sugar imbalance can cause them too. Key is finding out what’s the trigger for you.

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