Does anyone have experience with antibiotics in toddlers?


Does anyone have experience with antibiotics in toddlers? My girl got bit by a neurotic “kick-me” dog that was supposed to be under the control of a family member’s girl friend(little monster came up from across the room and bit her while she was playing at my feet). I know it’s not mag related but I have seen discussion on adults on antibiotics on here. She is on 3.4mls of amoxicillin 2xs daily she is on day 2 with very loose stools.

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  1. Probiotics and sacchromisis boulardii (the yeast)

  2. Did the wound get washed really well immediately? Did it get infected is why the antibiotics?

  3. Yes, probiotics needed, take apart from ab dosing. Digestive upset is very common symptom, especially in toddlers.

  4. The ER doc and the RN both said it was protocol to take antibiotics when an animal bite breaks the skin.

  5. I take 21st century high potency acidophilus blend. Could I open a cap and give her half of that every day? I've heard that you can't overdose on probiotics but I don't want to mess up her gut health anymore either.

  6. I don't know which ones are the best. We usually use culturelle for antibiotics

  7. Intestinal flu is also bad where I live. Was this a puncture wound, suture type wound, laceration?

  8. Whether or not the antibiotics should have been given at all is now a moot point. They're started, and there are dangers to stopping in the middle of a course.

    Give her probiotics at a different time of day from the antibiotics, and continue the probiotics for at least a month after the meds are finished. They make liquids and chewables designed for children.

    If she's still breastfeeding, it couldn't hurt for mom to take probiotics too.

  9. Fermented foods will help. Does she like yogurt or kefir? You could make smoothies for her.

  10. No idea about the abx, but PLEASE tell me you punted the bloody dog across the house.

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