Does anyone have success with oxide?


Help please ! I recently tried progesterone cream but didn’t think it agreed with me so stopped it a month ago. (Was only on it about 2 weeks) I have not been right since , I had a heavy period a few days ago but now I’m getting bad anxiety , can’t stop crying , can’t cope , having silly thoughts etc… I’m in hormonal hell.
I have no idea what to do but I can’t carry on like this 🙁
I’ve tried magnesium before but felt worse maybe I should try the mag oxide ? Does anyone have success with oxide? Thank you

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  1. I'm going through exactly the same thing. I was only on it 48 hours but it's messed up my whole system.

  2. Look into essential oils. Are you taking vitamins and minerals? Lots of whole Vit C.
    I use cypress essential oil (actually started putting like 8-10 drops in my scoop of magnesium chloride for my showers) to keep me from bleeding to death each month!

  3. Magnesium oxide may burn intestinal wall and is the least absorbed magnesium made from rocks and cheap to make 🙁

  4. Have you Been B12 /thyroid /cortisol tested ?

  5. Yes they tested it all and it was ok
    I'm sure it's mostly hormones , ok I will rule out the mag oxide

  6. What does your prescriber recommend?

  7. Anti depressants !

  8. Tried them and felt worse 🙁

  9. Thyroid problems ? That's how I felt when I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

  10. Actually, reading over your symptoms again, that is EXACTLY how I felt.

  11. Kate – you have to check out a site called Progesterone Therapy. The lady that owns the site went through hell for several years – suicidal – and learned about progesterone, creams, etc. – and how a lot of them don't help. She finally started her own company making and selling progesterone cream, and you could literally spend days reading everyone's stories, and all of the help that she's given. I don't know of anyone that has as much knowledge as she does about progesterone.

  12. Anne-Kathrin – it could help you too. She mentions thyroid problems being caused by low progesterone.

  13. Kate, if you haven't wean yourself off all the hormones, please do so. Then do a detox. Then start magnesium protocol. Start with Epsom salt bath and magahol or magnesium lotion rubbed on bottom of your feet for a few weeks before bed and see how you feel. Make sure to stay well hydrated with drinking water and coconut water.

  14. I have been on progesterone for a year never occurred to me it could be the problem
    I got Iberian cysts and a tumor in my uterus!!! A day before my scheduled hysterectomy I put it together and canceled my surgery
    I stopped the progesterone,my cysts are gone and am going back in November to see if my tumor is gone
    I am compound heterozygous MTHFR

  15. Melodi Gentile Hudgeons

  16. I understand your pain and panic! 🙁 It's a tough road and I'm still on it… I can say that the magnesium baths with lavender and baking soda have been wonderful and I've become addicted. They just take off that edge, they relax me an give me energy actually.

  17. You GABA has been down regulated, lay off anything that affects it. In clouding ADs anti anxiety meds, progesterone, chocolate etc. if you are getting anxiety sptoms then use mag oil to bypass the gut for a while. Let your system calm down. Otherwise you can cause paradoxical symptoms with everything you take.

  18. Why did you take progesterone? What are your symptoms (before the issues with anxiety)?

  19. Last Thyroid test was serum tsh 0.43 mu/l
    The range was 0.35 – 5.50

  20. Kate – what Katie said really bears looking into. Many women are put on progesterol – which is not progesterone. And they feel worse. Or, if given progesterone, it's hardly enough, or made from yams, etc. Once started, it 'aggravates' the estrogen (just to give you a visual 🙂 ) and the estrogen acts up, making one feel worse at first. But most of us have estrogen dominance – plastics, for instance, are made with 'fake' estrogen. Even men are growing breasts and little girls are having periods at age 9. If you would read a bit through the link that I sent, she has a list of symptoms to see if you're estrogen dominant. You can do a 'test' to see what it says to you. Once on the right progesterone, there may be a fight for awhile; estrogen is used to dominating and doesn't like to be made to toe the line. I really do urge you ladies to read that site; I have no financial interest in selling it to you. Some women – myself included – stay on it throughout the entire month (peri-menopausal). On the plus side, magnesium is supposed to help regulate hormones. 🙂 But please don't blame progesterone for your symptoms. It's the estrogen. Like Katie said – progesterone gets the blame, but the blame is wrongly placed.

  21. Hi Kate – I usually put the magnesium oil on my feet in the morning, but a lot of people put it on at night to help them sleep better. As far as the progesterone goes, she says that our progesterone levels fall after 13 hours, so we need to be taking it at least twice a day. Hope that helps! 🙂

  22. Kate – weird question: are you eating red meat? My daughter has tried many times to do a vegetarian diet, but it just popped into my head that your symptoms sound so much like hers! When these 'attacks' would come up, whenever I would remember to remind her to eat some red meat – she would get much better. Sometimes in a few hours and sometimes in a few days. I don't remember where I read it, but years ago I did read it somewhere, told my daughter about it – and it works every time. Sorry, I know it's a weird question but it was so weird that, after reading all of this today, it took this long to realize your symptoms remind me of her.

  23. Progesterone cream can only be used 10 days out if the month and on the correct days. It's determining those days based on how many days your cycle is running.
    I've had huge success with it when straightening out my 5 daughters cycles.

  24. Hi Laurette – that's true but it's also true that you can take it every day if the month if you truly need it. Wray goes into it more on her site. I've taken it every day of the month for years with no problem. But yay! about your daughter!!

  25. plural daughters 🙂

  26. Please someone pm me. I too have anxiety depression tiredness foggy head and am going to doctors tomorrow for meds this may be a big mistake from what I'm reading! I'm 55 periods yet. Help don't want to spiral and need directions without a lot of reading too tired!!!!

  27. Hey Marybeth – If you can, just read a little on the site that I posted above about progesterone. Don't take the meds just yet!! If you have to, go to the doctor, get the prescription – but then come home and read all you can on her site! You sound like you really need progesterone (and magnesium!)

  28. Since I'm post menopausal, I use 1 tsp of progesterone cream in the am & pm , rubbed into alternate areas. (This is suppose to be the required 20 mg a day . ). I use for 3 weeks at a time then let my receptors rest for a week , then resume usage. This usage was recommended by Dr. John Lee.
    Dr Lee also stresses the magnesium deficiency connection and why progesterone levels are not where they should be.
    Magnesium is also a hormone regulator .

  29. Marybeth – if you're not too tired, read this – she has a better list somewhere on her site, but this could get you started:

  30. and when you click on the link – look over to the right of the page. There's a really good questionnaire that you can take. 🙂

  31. Laurette – so true! I really felt like a lot of the progesterone and magnesium deficiency symptoms overlap. As much as I love Natpro (the cream that she sells), since I've been doing magnesium oil regularly, I finally got rid of the weird bloating….. 🙂

  32. According to Dr Lee….magnesium deficiency is the cause of hormone imbalance and low progesterone levels. The progesterone is the body's precursor keeping the other hormones balanced . Restoring magnesium levels will help restore progesterone levels which balances the hormones = happier women.

  33. For women that still have their cycles, this is an example of the correct usage of PG cream. We will assume you are having a 28 day Cycle. Which is a normal cycle.
    The day your cycle starts is day 1.
    You would apply 1 tsp of cream in the am and again in the pm on alternate areas of the body. This is the required 20 mg .
    You would apply on day 16-26 then your cycle should start 2 days later on day 28.

    When my daughters cycles were every 14 days and I needed to get them back to the normal 28 days , we applied on days 2-12. That's because I only had 14 days to play with. (To figure this out go back 2 days from the number of days your cycle was and count back 10 days.)
    This stretched their cycle out and the next month I based the 10 day usage on how many days their last cycle was. So if the next cycle was a 22 day cycle we applied the cream on days 10-20.
    As a rule I've been able to successfully regulate their cycles after the 2nd month.

  34. I take Estroven with the progesterone cream and I do not use daily. Only several times a week. Play with dose and where you apply it.

  35. Progesterone cream gave me severe anxiety. This was years ago. And when I saw a top doctor for menopause, she said to never add progesterone alone. She said your estrogen level phone must be higher than the progesterone, otherwise progesterone causes bad symptoms. She was right. I used estrogen first then added the progesterone, but I never went back to the cream. It was hell. I tossed it in the trash…evil stuff.

  36. There really isn't a need to use progesterone cream unless you have high estrogen …estrogen dominance. It's more important to get the required magnesium everyday.
    If the cream isn't used correctly it can cause problems.

  37. I would highly recommend you see a good naturopathic doctor and run all the tests to see where your hormones, etc are! Only take bio identical plant based ones if needed. I'm doing a little bio identical estrogen in the am and 3 drops of bio identical progesteron in the pm. I've had trouble with feeling horrible on most of the magnesium supplements I've tried. I do better on threonate and glycinate but still not great. Doing the oil on my feet at night seems fine and still working on getting the adrenal cocktail done at the right amount daily. It truly is a process. Seeing a excellent naturopathic doc has changed my life. I'm also on naturethroid (natural desiccated thyroid) I plan on never touching another pharmaceutical, over the counter of synthetic anything!

  38. I have nothing to recommend – only wanted to say how sorry I am for to go through this!! I've tried two GABA agonists in the last several months – taurine and glycinate – and I had horrible responses (like how you're feeling). I did progesterone cream several years ago and did fine with. Our bodies are always changing – I've been tempted to try progesterone cream again, but probably won't in light of hearing yours – and some other stories here! Good luck!!

  39. I am a nurse practitioner and have been prescribing bioidenticals for four years now. What I have figured out now is that hormone imbalance=adrenal problems. Adrenal problems are almost entirely due to Epstein Barr- there are a few cases from just external stressors or toxicity, but MOST are from an infection with a pathogen. Hormones- whether synthetic or bioidentical- are based on a steroid nucleus (indeed, all come from pregnenelone which comes from cholesterol.) when women are symptomatic (hot flashes, sweats, heavier periods, irregular periods) it is because the body is producing cytokines to fight the infection. Uterine fibroids, PCOS and infertility are caused by EBV. No joke! I just figured this out and I'm so excited to treat my patients with the right stuff! Anyway, when we feel crappy- it is NOt from the virus. It is from immune system activation- fighting the virus. If we give hormones (steroids) then we are SUPPRESSING the immune system. Hence, some women feel better! Sleep improves, sweats and hot flashes get better. But in SOME women (myself included) hormones tip the scale at immune system
    Suppression and the virus goes CRAZY!! Worsening symptoms occur. So you have to treat the root cause of the hormone imbalance. When I found this out I started testing ALL my women with hormone imbalances for Epstein Barr. Of them, 85% have come back with ACTIVE Epstein Barr going on. 10% have had exposure to EBV and while not in the bloodstream it is in their thyroid or reproductive organs causing them harm. I've only had TWO women test completely negative for EBV. But they did have another virus, CMV. So sorry you are going through this. I've realized that the bioidentical hormones can help
    Some while I treat the root cause of their upheaval, but in some it just won't work. Adrenal support may be a better way to go for you, and treat that Epstein Barr!!!

  40. Karsen that is so interesting! I have adrenal issues as well as had active Epstein Barr! I've successfully been treated with naturopathic and homeopathic anti virals and am continuing to feel better as each month has gone by since my treatment started over a year ago!

  41. Read up on unsulphered black strap molasses

  42. I have studied in the essential oils and there is a product that included essential oils in the progesterone…the MD that helped formulate it says that sometimes when you seem to be worse…it's just that you aren't using enough…you have been deficient so long…it is waking up…and needs more…that's of the product I am talking about…not just progesterone cream….I know it has helped…

  43. Have ur Thyroid Levels checked. T3 and Free T4 as it may be your thyroid esp since u stated mental manifestations which is common with thyroid imbalance.

  44. DIM had done wonders for me. Google it.

  45. Kate Thoday, it sounds like; what should calm you goes the other way? Any suggestions on this anyone?

  46. Yes I seem to be super sensitive to everything :s

  47. Hi Kathy, If you are experiencing anxiety, there some points that you might look at : for example some important nutritional factors that might be responsible… Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, Deficiency of the B vitamins niacin, pyridoxine and thiamine. Deficiency of calcium or magnesium or Food allergens… you can also ask your doctor to check your Blood Lactic Acid Levels, it is one of the most significant disturbance noted in people with anxiety…

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