Does anyone here know about BUN levels?


Does anyone here know about BUN levels? I’ve been searching forever and can’t find my answer. The normal is not above 20. My fils is 117 and was 108 yesterday. So it’s going up pretty rapidly. How high can it go until you die? Like what’s the maximum level a body can take?

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  1. I sent you a friend request…and a mesage

  2. Yes please

  3. Courtney Gillespie Boenig Would it be ok to message you? I'm a nurse.

  4. Yes he's walking ( although slowly) and talking.. Says he's in no pain and doesn't understand why he is there. Man was peeing blood and could barely walk last week.. Even though all his labs say he has significantly declined. Such a roller coaster

  5. Courtney Gillespie Boenig Is he oriented? I'm sure they are keeping him comfortable, but that also means an issue with his respiratory status. I think that's a question for his doctor although even the doc may not know. I'm sorry not to be able to give you a better answer. Sending prayers and positive energy. I hope you can get some rest because if he's coming home he'll need you rested.

  6. It's my father in law. He's in the hospital but should be released tomorrow. We are doing hospice when he gets home just wondering a timeline. I've been his full time caregiver and wanting to find out info it's driving me nuts. It just says high levels is a sign of kidney failure.. DUH I know that.

  7. Courtney Gillespie Boenig Are you in the hospital? Are you taking in a lot of protein? How is it you know your daily BUN levels?

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