Does anyone know if this brand is ok for mag malate?


Does anyone know if this brand is ok for mag malate? Its a great price. Ive been reading everything and tried searching for this brand but didn’t see any comments re: it. I know Jigsaw malate is recommended but I’m trying to save money….tight budget for all of this.

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  1. Yes, it's a good brand.

  2. It's on sale at at the moment. I have to stretch my dollar and I use that one also.

  3. We use it

  4. Yay! Thanks!!

  5. This one's a little less expensive – it's the one I use

  6. The tabs are big, just fyi.

  7. I've been using it for 4 months and have experienced great relief from muscle pain.

  8. We use it

  9. How much elemental magnesium is in each tablet?

  10. I've been using this brand. I was taking the capsules at first, and was having bad gas (sorry for TMI) to the point where i had to dial back my dose. Then my local health food store ran out and only had tablets. The tablets are more challenging to swallow but I noticed I had less gas with them for some reason.

  11. If magnesium is in the form of a tablet or hard pill…forget it. It's going to go right through you. Buy a powder form of magnesium malate that you can mix with water or orange juice…I like Attogram and it's inexpensive.

  12. I've looked at this too. But I already take so many supplements I don't want to have to take 3 just for one type of mag.. I also don't want to pay for the jigsaw. I spend most my pay on my health already. But then again, I shouldn't need any more tests for a while. So maybe I will bite the bullet and try the jigsaw! Currently I just use oxide and glycinate.
    What do people think of this one?

  13. It turns me into a psycho for some reason . Lol have most of a bottle I can't use.

  14. Source Naturals is very good…at least that is what my Naturopath Dr. says!

  15. I use it. But, tend to skip it because the tabs are so large.

  16. Makes me sooo tired

  17. I already use oxide, glycinate and chloride flakes for foot soak but I am now having terrible arthritis pain since the weather turned cold. Would changing to malate make enough difference to help with the pain?

  18. Same one I use

  19. That's what I use!

  20. I use this for at least a year now. It's been good to me

  21. This is usually a good brand. But this is a gelatin capsule which can sometimes cause digestive issues. I like Eidon ionic liquid magnesium. You can also use a pure Magnesium oil transdermally, (on skin), like Ancient Minerals and balance with a different oral supplement. I felt better than I have for years once I stopped pills and switched to liquid minerals and magnesium oil. The oil is the best bang for your buck, cheap, and works to get your levels up faster than oral. Doesn't have side effects. Many I know use it with good results.

  22. I use this brand but it is a pill form.

  23. I use this daily, together with glysinate and chloride forms. Works for me.

  24. I use this but the pills are HUUUUUGE! Going to switch to something else after I'm done with the bottle. I have to take 3 of these a day and they're just too big for me. Ugh.

  25. I take this 🙂

  26. I use this brand for Advanced Ferochel which was recommended

  27. You can use both. But to get the total Magnesium up to optimal it would be efficient to use on your skin and orally. The Magnesium oil works best after shower when your pores are open. If you start having loose stools back off oral dose. And try every other day.

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