Does anyone know of any gluten free marshmallows?


Does anyone know of any gluten free marshmallows? I’m pretty sure I have been glutened from the Kraft brand. It’s the only thing I have changed in my diet and my rash is coming back with a vengeance!

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  1. Trader Joe’s has gf. So does Whole Foods. I think most are gluten free. I bought a ton of them at Aldi for my class’ Hot chocolate party. (All gf)

  2. I just had them and no gluten. Are you sure ?

  3. Great Value from Walmart.

  4. Jet puffs.

  5. Campfire at Wal-Mart.

  6. Kraft marshmallows are gluten free

  7. Kraft marshmallows are gluten free. Maybe reacting to something else?

  8. Do you have a problem with corn? Most marshmallows have corn.

  9. I reacted to marshmallows too . Perhaps cc at the factory . There was nothing else ( off brand however ).

  10. Corn or highly processed sugar. My body cannot handle concentrated amounts of processed sugar (like corn syrup). Many people react to it.

  11. Regular marshmallows are not GF as they have Gelatin in it. You can by GF types at whole foods, sprouts and other similar stores.

  12. Thanks everyone. Unless the bag says GF I will not eat them again. Pretty sure it was a cross-contamination issue.

  13. Aldi has GF marshmallows

  14. Walmart brand regular & fruit/multi color say gluten free on the bag

  15. Aldi’s are gluten free

  16. Will never again .. but all of us are different .

  17. I thought Kraft was GF

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