Does anyone know where to get cannabis oil?


Hello everybody, does anyone know where to get cannabis oil? Thank you

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  1. Awesome, thank you

  2. Phoenix tears page in facebook has a lot of great info.

  3. Just cannabis oil without THC? As in hemp oil which has CBD with no THC???

  4. Well, with the THC, like legal cannabis oil. Is it better if it has THC in it? I want to take it for health reasons

  5. There is Rick Simpson oil… That is concentrated THC.
    I have read that juicing it (without heat, so you don't get high, but you have all the other CBDs) has been highly beneficial.
    Also, you can get concentrated hemp oil, which is CBD oil, online, legally, in every state (it is the HTC that makes other oils illegal, while hemp oil isn't illegal) from what I found. The best option depends on what health issues you have. If you are doing it for general health, I would say juicing it is best. Let me find the link that explains it..

  6. I *think* this is the video I saw… I skimmed the article and recognised the woman in the video:

    Brendan, I always forget we have international members 🙁 One day everyone will wake up and see all the benefits (of hemp alone, paper, fiber, housing (hempcrete) fuel and so so much more) and the medical benefits are endless.

  7. Thanks for all the info. I guess I'm looking for cannabis oil. I heard it cute this man's diabetes, and that's what I suffer from. My sister has severe anxiety that leaves her in bed for days.

  8. Elizabeth Tevacile Lopez – your symptom and your sister's are Magnesium deficiencies.

  9. Yes. We do take magnesium, but it really upsets our stomach, we take magnesium citrate. My sister has to take a lot, but it really has saved her. I'm just looking for more options

  10. Try magnesuim chloride. Way more effective and absorbed by the body.

  11. Is it like mag oil?

  12. Yes, or you can get the magnesium flakes.

  13. Cool, thank you

  14. Or make mag-a-hol with it 🙂
    Transdermal (absorbed with skin) plus taking supplements can help raise mag more quickly. Epsom salt baths / foot soaks (mag chloride foot soaks too) are also another great idea.
    I would recommend finding another form on sale, and trying it, to see if you tolerate it better (malate or glycinate I would recommend)

  15. Awesome, in gonna try those and look up the recipes. Thank you all four the info

  16. If Medical Marijuana is legal in your state you can probably get what you want from a dispensory. They could at least answer your questions. There is always lots of info on the web.

  17. Anxiety could also be related to candida or parasites. I have heard that Canabis oil can increase anxiety in some people, but Canabis oil also kills off parasites and candida which causes die off which can result in increased anxiety… Canabis oil was just made legal here in Oregon though I don't think it is official till 2016. There is already a dispensary down the street from me which is cool. I would love to try the juice, but afraid I would react badly. Wonder if they will sell the juice too in a year. Then you could just try a sample.

  18. I live in Texas. I think he'll still freeze over before Texas making pot legal lol

  19. The health food store in Florida sells it

  20. Elizabeth Tevacile Lopez

  21. there is a HUGE difference between hemp oil and cannibals oil. just saying

  22. indeed.
    two different oils entirely.

  23. i want the good stuff

  24. typically…..hemp oil is used for more minor ailments and cannabis oil (with THC) is used for more serious ailments (ie cancer).

  25. Hmmm. I guess cannabis oil has THC in it?

  26. yes, at varying levels.

  27. Lisa Kimberly what if u use cannabis oil and get drug tested then? does it show? tia

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