Does anyone live a GF diet and not take anything?


So i hate and im not good at taking pills. I saw on a different group that if i eat nothing but gluten free i wont have to take my bentyl, and nortripolyne anymore. Is that true. I will obvisouly ask my gastro doc about Does anyone live a GF diet and not take anything?

also my other question is how many of you eat GF but still suffer with constipation and diarrhea? i feel like its one or the other, i cant have a happy medium

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  1. I take pills for my Fibromyalgia which causes my constipation but I don’t take any pills for Celiac. I just eat gluten free and I am good 🙂

  2. i havent took my every night pill in a month. but i take my as needed bentyl every other day.

  3. do you get sick also on GF foods? i hate gf bread yesterday and was sick 10 minutes later. i had bought all new cookware and toasters etc to make sure i didnt have cross contamination.

  4. I’ve been off gluten for years and still get diarrhea. Is that common for celiac?

  5. my gastro doc said that even being gluten free i can still have symptoms forever.

  6. Here is a tric for taking pills. Swallow them with food and drink water after that. If you drink you will automatically narrow your throat. If you swallow food after chewing you open your throat a lot wider. At the last moment you put the pill between your bread or potato in your mouth and swallow!!!

  7. Try to avoid all of the GF replacements like bread, pasta, and snacks. Get healed and let your system return to normal, then slowly introduce those food items to see if you tolerate them.

  8. My daughter doesn’t take anything but vitamin D and probiotic

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