Does anyone struggle to lose weight after going gluten free?


Does anyone struggle to lose weight after going gluten free? I am self diagnosed celiac and have been following gf diet for 2 years now. I am 37 and I am really struggling to lose weight. Can anyone give me some helpful hint and tips. (South Africa)

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  1. I’ve read some threads about weight in the past few weeks. It seems, to me, it’s about a 50/50 thing. 50% say they lose weight and 50% say they gain weight once going GF. I’m just starting so I don’t have a personal experience, but I’m conveying my insight from research.

  2. Ketogenic diet has helped me tremendously… usually celiac is accompanied by other allergies like soy, grains, dairy.. sticking whole foods.. And staying away from processed foods in my opinion is the way to go…

  3. Have you been tested for hypothyroidism.

  4. Yes my thyroid is normal

  5. I’ve had a lot of success with weight watchers & the app.

  6. I can merely add my own experience to this. I have only lost 10 pounds total in the 19 months that I have been GF and that was in the first 6 months.

  7. I did a GF detox and had huge success loosing weight and also keeping it off.

  8. I gained 😩

  9. I have lost 11 lbs since February when my thyroid was normalized. many people gain because gf products are higher in calories and fat

  10. All I know is I have tried for 3 years counting calories… NOTHING CHANGED…\nBut I started counting carbs minus fiber… goal is 30 a day… if I cheat try to go to a max of 50… lost 30 lbs since Jan…

  11. Lchf, ketogenic and loads of bone broth has helped a lot of my patients.

  12. My weight has remained the same no matter what, for years now

  13. I lose weight, but I also have other health issues (CKD, Hirata’s Disease). Have you tried a LCHF diet? Counting carbs was the absolute only way I lost weight in the past (successfully and was able to keep it that way). I still follow a gluten free LCHF diet, in general. I don’t eat high carb foods like starches or sugars, I eat lots of good fats and protein. I just don’t limit my carbs as much as most people do on the diet because I will lose weight I don’t need to lose. What I do is make sure the carbs I eat are LCHF. Hope that helps!

  14. My weight remained at the same number for a good 10 years and then I had an issue with falling asleep during the day…I thought it might be in my diet even though it was GF…sooooooo I stopped sugar (I stopped fruit for 1 week as well) then on the 2 nd week I eat as much fruit as I wanted and still do…Soooo for me it was the sugar keeping the weight on…I lost 1 Kilo or 2.20 pounds a week…with no exercise, it really did fall off me…I was so amazed that this one thing for me could be holding on to so much fat (weight)…

  15. Celiac and menopausal, I’m screwed.

  16. Cutting out the carbs (and especially processed sugars) is key to weight loss. I’m living proof.

  17. Start with no substitute flour, breads, cookies, pancakes, etc… just veggies and protein.

  18. Thank you all for the advice. I appreciate it!

  19. I don’t think gf diet makes you fat or thin… it also depends if you tend to be fat you will always struggle the same way if you tend to be thin. Besides that if you substitute bread by rice and try all the gf bakery you will start gaining weight. I was eating all the gf cakes options I saw 😂like if it was the last coca cola lol…

  20. My GI doctor told me many “good” things that come along with this diagnosis. The only “bad” thing he said was that as the intestine heal then I may gain weight because the vitamins and minerals and calories that haven’t been able to process properly will start doing that.
    I am definitely trying to be careful even at only two weeks in.

  21. Hi Daleen DU Plooy. Dit hang maar alles af van persoon tot persoon. Ek is ook self diagnoseerd en vir my is die Gf leefstyl n absolute plus. Baie goeie veranderinge asook efe gewigs verlies omrede ek heeltemal Brood, koekies ens uitgeskakel het. As ek regtig iets vinnig wil eet Dan is dit n ryskoekie met grondboontjie Botter anders probeer ek maar plant kosse en protiene. Maar daar is defnitief n groot verbintenis tussen celiac en theoried klier probleme. As jy kan, laat toets dit. Ek het nou my dogter se tsh laat toets by lancet en die koste was omtrent R170.00. Dis sonder die dokter se koste.

  22. there was a program here in Australia with our ABC television. It was and is called “ask the doctor” if you watch the intro on the tube and if you can watch the whole program on the internet if you can I am not sure from another country that you can watch it(laws and all that stuff) states at 6.30 minutes and 9.00 minutes about the cause of losing weight at a stage in our life if we have been over weight and then hormones kicking in and not turning off at all to make the body over eat till it gets back up to a weight that it wants.. hence always always feeling hungry…lean and slim people that have never had to diet do not experience this urge..this program is EXTREMELY interesting and it is the 1st time I have heard of this scenario happening…this is the ABC TV link:-…/ask-the-doctor/DO1625V001S00# …… and this is the tube link:-

  23. The tube link is only 1.27min long and the TV one is 29 min long

  24. Almost off the topic. I am much more conscious of what is available in the shops. 😱 Have any of you noticed that 90% of what’s on the shelves as supermarkets contain gluten (bar yoir fresh produce section) most of the quick prepackaged food contains gluten 😱😵😱😵. My whole preconceived idea of shopping is ruined 😂. I need to learn to shop again

  25. It would be best to get a formal diagnosis.. and see a nutritionist.. it will help alot

  26. I upped my produce and meat intake and use a lot less processed foods now, with the exception of pasta. Since April 1st I’ve lost 2 pant sizes this way. I joined a group for weight watchers recipes and asked a few questions for suggestions (not ww member) and most of them suggested itrackbites app… for under $10 it is pretty much the same as weight watchers but with a 1 time purchase and no monthly fees. I haven’t checked it out much yet but many of the said it will help a ton. Best of luck!

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