Does anyone take probiotics?


Does anyone take probiotics and are they worth the money? I get sick frequently, like at least a few times a week (I watch everything closely, just not sure what it is) and I’m thinking this might help? Also, how do you know if you had food poisoning, got gluttened, or have the stomach flu? What’s the best way to feel better ASAP after these. I’m going to try to sleep it off, but not sure how much sleep I’ll get. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I went through several before I found one my family loves. It turned out to be cheaper than the ones I had tried before. So I was happy.

  2. My GI actually recommended Phillips Colon Health. I’ve tried many more expensive ones, liquids, ProBio regimen, and the Phillips has been the one that feels best to me

  3. So far align has been good for me. Life changer

  4. I love mine. Garden of Life Probiotics for mood health

  5. I love well belly. Its for kids, but adults use it too and it worked wonders for me.

  6. Yes they work wonders for my son and I!!!

  7. Gluten free version of Culturelle. One of my doctors uses it as well.

  8. I just heard there are PREbiotics which work better with the good bacteria in your stomach. They are more similar. Probiotics don’t feed your own good bacteria and die of after a few days. They say you should take a combination of prebiotics and probiotics. I am looking into this a lot more after hearing this. Has anyone heard anything about Prebiotics? Or have you taken those with Probiotics?

  9. I think probiotics has been the single best thing for me besides going GF. They say you should switch brands periodically. Some of them you only take one per day but sometimes I’ll take 2. I’ve used Trubiotics, Culturelle, Renew Life and Ultimate Flora. Going from 20 billion to 30 billion was different… got diarrhea for a few days so I backed off it, but then i was fine. Some ppl have that reaction – diarrhea so take it slow starting out on probiotics. I also take magnesium bc I am more prone to constipation than diarrhea. There are so many good reasons to take magnesium. The brand I take is Mag-Ox 400.

    Mag-Ox 400

  10. I use the Bio K+. I found most probiotics are made from dairy. Bio K+ has a vegan formula made from rice. I feel, this has been so helpful in regulating my gut. The blueberry flavor is my favorite! 🙂

  11. Probiotics are life! I’m curious to what prebiotic experience anyone has had too

  12. I get activated charcoal, benanite clay, GI shield ( eats gluten, dairy, soy, eggs contamination in 90 mins)\nWe use garden of life probiotics

  13. My Dr said to take probiotic espically if on antibiotic. It really helps. I just use Walmart brand

  14. I take a probiotic and super enzyme .

  15. Probiotics are recommended. Everyone should also try nutritional yeast for energy. Has B12 plus all the B’s. Buy it at a natural food store. Tastes like parm and can sprinkle on pasta, add to your smoothies and even sprinkle on popcorn. Best source of energy to help you cope

  16. Dr. Peter Green from Columbia University , an expert on Celiac, says be careful with probiotics. Some say they are gluten free but they are not. Unfortunately he didn’t say which ones were gluten free. I am trying to figure out which ones can be trusted. Has anyone looked into this?

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