Does anyone take progesterone?


Not sure if there is a better page to ask these two questions – If so please advise…

1) does anyone take progesterone and get very tired about 30 min after taking? I take it at night.

2) talk to me about hot flashes…I think (.sounds funny, right) I’m having them but I don’t get a burning hot I just break out in the worst sweat from my head to my chest only. But this only happens in the morning when m getting ready for work. Currently no other times of the day/night.

P.S. according to blood work peri for the last year. Last period August & according to blood work in menopause.

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  1. Number 2. Yeah, I get them about 1 week a cycle. Not every time. Either within minutes of waking up or at the point where the rush to get done and out the door. Sweat fest.

  2. There are a few perimenopause groups out there.

  3. Progesterone is like a sleep hormone.. so yes, take it at night if you are having trouble sleeping! As for the hot flashes.. yes, I asked my ob-gyn and since my estrogen is good and I feel good.. he told me that those hot flashes are definitely from Hashis. It was nice to be re-assured and affirmed by my doctor!! I’ve actually taken my temp when I feel that hot come on and my temp rises to about 99′. Then drops to normal within a minute.

  4. I’m menopausal.

    I take progesterone. It is a known side effect that it can make you sleepy. I take it at night also.
    Hot flashes can really be different from person to person. Mine (before I started HRT) came suddenly and made me feel like I was on fire ? and made me sweat for a couple of minutes at a time.

  5. I’m on the estrogen patch now and progesterone pill. No more hot flashes!

  6. It’s fluctuations in estrogen levels that cause hot flashes. If they bother you ask your doctor about estrogen replacement therapy to go with the progesterone. I use a transdermal estradiol gel to relieve hot flashes after a hysterectomy and ovarian failure.

  7. Hot flashes can present in a number of ways. Mine actually started out alternating between warmth and sweating in the head/ neck area and chills or “cold flashes”. They then moved on to full- body sweats that occurred about every hour 24/7.

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