Does anyone think this is celiac?


A little tmi bear with me…Question about all of this. About 2 months ago i was having extreme direah not really any stomach pain. I was literally having blow outs. Anything ibate went right through me. Did some testing everything was fine. I decided to cut out gluten i was not having anymore direah. But now if i consume any sort of gluten i once again have extreme direah and stomach pains headaches and throwing up till it is out of my system. The doctor is thinking celiac but he said i could do the biopsy but there is no treatment but avoid gluten which im doing already. Does anyine think this is celiac? From reading posts im thinking it is just wanted some input

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  1. I had same symptoms but it was my gallbladder….looked like a bag of marbles

  2. Not that thats clear. If i consume the tinest piece of gluten im very sick. Ive always had problems with extremly painful gas and bloating

  3. Get tested

  4. You can have a blood test done but you have to be eating gluten for accurate diagnosis

  5. I got that but was off gluten for a month so was negative and im completely misrable on gluten

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