Does anyone truly know what caused it for them?


I know with Celiac disease we have a gene that predisposes us to likely develop it. Something usually triggers it. I was told things like infections, pregnancy, etc. can do it. Does anyone truly know what caused it for them? I haven’t felt “normal” or whatever that is for so long I am not quite sure what may have been the trigger. I have other health issues so I not sure what came first. I have my 1st Dr appt since diagnosis on Aug 4 so I am hoping for some guidance.

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  1. Mine may have been triggered by my last pregnancy. All the major symptoms started when I was pregnant and was eating a lot of pasta and bread.

  2. I think I read somewhere, but don’t remember where, that overuse of NSAIDS, (like aspirin or motrin) can trigger it as well.

  3. Lyme Disease (another autoimmune disease)

  4. Mine was triggered by pregnancy and stress.

  5. I didn’t realize pregnancy can trigger it. I have had soooooooo many issues since my pregnancy and they just kept getting worse until I finally got my dx (4 years after pregnancy) and went gf this year and now feeling much better.

  6. I kept getting UTIs that would not respond to antibiotics

  7. Over use of Motrin and then pregnancy (not together obviously)

  8. Pretty sure was when I had my gall bladder out. My body also decided I would have a anaphylactic reaction to penicillin for the first time even after taking for years without a problem. Reactions to lots of things followed & I believe that was the start of it

  9. It’s a stress related disease

  10. Looking back, I had symptoms for a long time before my celiac disease truly manifested. I had headaches constantly, was always exhausted, had rashes that didn’t respond to the meds that doctors prescribed, etc. My doctor always explained those things away, but they never got better. Then I entered my last year in grad school and started student teaching. Between graduate courses, student teaching, and major exams that I HAD to pass to get my teaching license, I was super stressed. And I got sick. Again, doctors explained my symptoms away and said “you’re just a stressed out grad student.” I finally made the gluten connection myself and I’m MUCH better after being gluten free for 10 months.

  11. Definitely pregnancy for me. I never had any issues with gluten until after I had my first child. Then my health plummeted.

  12. Had my first baby at 25. I was back in the hospital, weighing in at 88 lbs., a year later. I had been battling it since the delivery, but wasn’t aware. Was diagnosed with celiac after almost 2 weeks in the hospital. That was 2002. I was hoping with my second child that it would reverse, no such luck. Lol It’s actually worse now, and my 2nd child has it too. She was diagnosed at 18 months.

  13. They told me it was from stress. And all I got from my Doctor was go online they can help you. That was it.

  14. I believe the flu vaccine triggered my Celiac

  15. I was in a major car wreck that is what triggered mine, however with that being said when i look back now i believe i have had it for a long time before that but on a much lower level than i do now the car wreck sent me in to major over drive

  16. Looking back I think after my first pregnancy 12 years ago it was set in motion but it wasn’t until 4 years ago when I had a physical trauma and needed 2 major knee surgeries within a 6 month period that everything really began. I wasn’t diagnosed until 6 months ago.

  17. My son didn’t get diagnosed til he was 9 (he’s 12 now) but I believe he was born with it.

  18. Mine was triggered following a hernia repair operation. I’d always had digestive issues and constipation but following the operation, the DH flared up, scalp became unbearably itchy and digestive issues intensified. With the body rashes I thought it was a reaction to the antibiotics so that’s how quick it came on for me.

  19. My 14 yr old had a liver transplant 1.5 yrs ago. That stress probably did me in.

  20. giving birth to me son, now 26 years old. I’ve only finally known the problem in the past year. Much suffering.

  21. Major Stress…Lost 30lbs thinking my stomach issues were related to the situations going on in my life at the time…Surprise! Had endoscopy and also diagnosed with microscopic colitis along with celiac. Could not eat dairy or refined sugar( forever no Glute) for at least 9 months. I’m awesome now!

  22. I always had some digestive issues when eating out or with unfamiliar foods like shredded pork/pulled pork. I gave blood a month prior to starting college and then a month or so that year during a college blood drive tried to give blood and was “too anemic.” My father is a doctor and was not too concerned at the time. However when I had blood drawn for a health class and had low serum iron level(s), he had take the blood tests for celiac and my levels were out of range positive. I started eating gluten-free and the iron and antibodies tests resolved.

  23. Going through a divorce .. stressful

  24. After serious rectal surgery 2 years ago, my body started going haywire. I am gluten free by choice (4 weeks now) and feeling so much better, many issues resolved. I am 70 years old, by the way.

  25. Coming into the world! I was my mothers biggest baby, 8 lb 10 oz. I was also her sickest, sick throughout my childhood & sick until diagnosed in my late 40’s.

  26. Looking back I started to have problems after I was pregnant 18 years ago. Not sure if he triggered it.

  27. At age 19 I had abdominal pain two times, once after drinking alcohol ( two beers and two cokes ), and at age 20 while a college student I had intestinal pain for one week. I was diagnosed decades ago by a gastroenterologist with IBS. In 2000 a naturopath said I had a gluten intolerance, after I mentioned abdominal pain after eating breaded chicken and french fries at KFC. Another naturopath said not to eat wheat. I might of asked him if it was celiac, and he said, yes, it was the small intestine. I was more convinced after having diarrhea after eating foods with gluten. One time after a church potluck, I had profuse, runny diarrhea, when no one else was affected by the food–so I could rule out food poisoning. A lady from church said it was a food intolerance ( She is close to having a nursing degree ) . One time at age 26, I had one glass of gin and suffered from abdominal pain. I think being a nonsecretor predisposed me to having digestive issues.

  28. We think my sons Celiac was triggered by lunes disease or the intense AntiBiotic regimen he took for it

  29. I was told you are born with the gene. It is triggered by the immune system overloading.

  30. I know exactly what triggered it

  31. Mine was pregnancy

  32. I think Stress could have been my trigger for a chain of events, however I was in a bike wreck, then abdominal pain started 2 weeks later which lasted for 2 months until I went to the ER and found out I had Pancreatitis, Gastritis, and Gall stones, then fast forward 2 more months after gall bladder removal surgery and I was still in chronic pain, I asked for the blood test for Celiac and what do you know it was overwhelmingly positive.

  33. I don’t have a clue what triggered mine.

  34. Gardasil vaccine

  35. Mine was pregnancy, next pregnancy I got gall stones. \nNo more babies for me lol

  36. Went through protracted withdrawal from ssri’s, then my house burned down, then I caught a gi bug. Stressful times.

  37. I have had different symptoms most of my life, so I’m not sure what triggered it………

  38. I was born with it, had convulsions and testing for 2 years with no diagnosis. Then I stayed skinny, failure to thrive my whole life. I had 2 children and lost my last baby. Then I had a stroke that went undiagnosed at 39 when my Mother died. I had also developed depression, anxiety and Panic attacks. In 2001 I signed myself in hospital saying I was nuts you have to help me. They found out I was extremely anemic and that had caused me to have my period for 2 years, they put mee on 1000 UI of Vitamin D, 5mg. Daily folic acid and Vitamin B shots, since I became unable to absorb Vitamin B. At 50 my periods just stopped a week before my birthday. Still I never got diagnosed with Celiac until I was 54 years old. I got diarrhea for 2 months, starved myself, only broth and clear fluids and it never stopped. Then my doctor booked an oncology appointment where I was tested finally. Now 4 years later gained 35 lbs. And feel so much stronger than I ever had before. I try to never eat gluten, but accidents happen because some people have no clue how hazardous cross contamination is to a Celiac Disease Sufferer.

  39. I ate McDonald’s for the first time in years. I got super sick for a week. I thought it was food poisioning, but it jusy kind of reduced to a constant burn in my stomach and some other accompanying issues. I really do believe those chicken nuggets triggered it.

  40. Wheat crumbs on the breaded chicken mcnuggets

  41. Pregnancy likely for me, but it took the shock of marital separation where i ended up losing 70 pounds in 3 months for them to finally look at celiac. For the prior 15 years, i was treated for anemia, IBS, depression, arthritis….starting when i was 25

  42. Pretty sure mine was triggered by the trauma of abuse at the hands of my ex-husband. The extreme stress (I’ve since learned I have PTSD) from constant physical. emotional & verbal abuse took it’s toll, and still effects me to this day. Thankful for a proper diagnosis 5 years ago, and for thirteen happy years with my wonderful & supportive husband.

  43. Mine started when I left my ex-husband. Don’t think that has any connection.

  44. I believe Lyme and mold susceptibility caused mine–genes were mutated

  45. I wish I did know

  46. I didn’t have Celiac Disease until after the birth of my first child. I do not know with 100% certainty that that did it. But it’s not out of the question.

  47. I have always been trying to figure out what is wrong with my body. We were always guessing different allergies of something or another. What I can actually say is that I started having terrible migraines all the time during my senior year in college, and migraines are actually my first indication of gluten ingestion. After that, the migraines progressively got worse until I was diagnosed almost exactly 4 years ago, at the age of 35.

  48. Trauma and extreme stress are what I believed triggered mine, coupled with a a probable genetic component. My mother is negative for celiac but feels better on a GF diet (fewer migraines and joint pain). We believe my grandmother also had celiac since she had stomach pain for many years prior to her death. At that time, celiac wasn’t a known about, or common diagnosis.

  49. Yes stress was the final straw.

  50. When I got Mono

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