Does anyone use Nima to test their food for gluten?


Does anyone use Nima to test their food for gluten? Any thoughts on it?

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  1. It’s $200 but I heard it was worth

  2. Not yet but tempted to buy it

  3. It only tests what you put in. You could have specs of flour or a crumb on in one small area of the plate. The sensor won’t detect that only the sample. So it’s not really that accurate.

  4. Do research on it, from gluten free watchdog and gluten dude and gluten dude they are not accurate at all. For 300 is better be spot on but it’s not.

  5. I’d never trust it

  6. I do! It cannot replace researching, reading labels, or asking questions when out to eat. But it can be used as another form of safety net after all your other steps have been taken. I have used it when out to eat after taking all my necessary steps and it has saved me from gettin glutened already a couple times. I test my spices at home if I’m uncertain and it shows me whether or not I can trust it or not. It isn’t guaranteed to be 100% accurate but it does help if used properly and we just another tool. But it can’t be the only tool you rely on.

  7. It’s expensive, I got it for 289 new and it came with 12 capsules. You do have to buy the capsules each time, in sets of 12 for about 50-something pet back. It’s not cheap but well worth it in my opinion. Especially if only used when needed and not excessively.

  8. Of course it cannot scan the whole plate. But it does what it is intended to do. You test a little piece of your food, maybe a corner piece, to get a general idea on the CC of your food. Of course CC can always be on the other side. But it’s helps more than it doesn’t. And if you use it correctly and you are smart about it, it won’t ever lead you to become glutened even more—only less and the worst case scenario if you use it properly is that you will remain the same in your frequency of “glutnenings”

  9. Again, I would never use it and trust it to be accurate of my gut was telling me it wasn’t safe. For example, if I for whatever reason don’t trust the food that comes out at a restaurant but the rest comes out negative for gluten, that would not allow me to eat it anyway. My instincts of telling me other wise, will overrule. Another example. If I test Cheerios and they come out negative for gluten, since I already know Cheerios aren’t safe for celiac, I would not choose to eat these. Regardless of what tests said. You have to have the right expectations, mindset, and understanding of gluten free and what the Nima will deliver before you decide to buy one and trust it.

  10. I use the Nima when eating out.

  11. Following i thought of getting one

  12. I love my nima!! It’s the best thing for eating out and travelling. I’m not sure why people are so negative on it, it’s amazing that a company made something for testing gluten.

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